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Illuminate Your Show in Theatrical Splendour With Stage Lighting Clamps

If you're preparing a stage for a sparkling performance or a thumping DJ set, you'll need plenty of clamps to keep your lights in place. There are various options available, so you should be able to find something suitable, whether you want to illuminate a specific music venue or add lights to a mobile rig. You'll discover a range of low-priced stage lighting clamps from different manufacturers on eBay, enabling you to stock up on the equipment that you need.

How can you benefit from using lighting clamps?

One of the key reasons for using them is to ensure that people on stage and in the audience are safe. By securing your lights and effects units properly, you'll minimise the chances of them coming away from their mounting bars. Not only could that prevent potential injuries from occurring, it will also mean your equipment is less likely to be damaged. Clamping the lights will also help you to ensure they remain focused exactly where you want them to be, so you can achieve more consistent results during your show.

What clamp types can you buy?

There are many types of stage lighting clamps on the market, including:

  • G-clamps: So named because of their shape (and also known as C-clamps), they can be used to fix lights to many types of stage truss and stand. Examples include the Ultimax DJ Disco Karaoke G Clamp and Showtec's Heavy Duty 50mm G Clamps.
  • Couplers: Designed to provide more contact between your lights and the pipes you're attaching them to than other clamp types, these come in several forms. You can use locked or fixed couplers, half couplers, or even adjustable or swivel couplers, depending on how moveable you want the lights to be. There are many models available, including couplers from brands such as CHAUVET DJ and Global Truss.
  • Scrim clamps: This type of clamp can be used to attach a light-diffusing scrim (heatproof cloth) to a tripod lighting stand. They are circular in design, as you'll see from viewing products such as Rhino or Equinox's 35mm tripod scrim hanging clamps.
What else should you look for when selecting clamps?

Different clamps suit differently sized pipes. Therefore, it's important to measure the pipes carefully and buy clamps that will fit. You can purchase new and used stage lighting clamps, but if you're opting for second-hand products, make sure that they're in good condition.

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