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DJ Lighting Stands Steady Your DJ Equipment

To keep your equipment organized and safe, it's important to have the right lighting stand. It can keep both your musical and visual props together for you to have a successful set. eBay is now offering these stands for sale online at affordable prices.

What are some features of DJ lighting stands?

The multiple features of DJ lighting stands help give the structure needed for DJ equipment to stay intact. These stands provide a sturdy environment that can support numerous types of equipment that DJs use during events, from musical to visual equipment. Some of these features include:

  • High load capacity: Most DJ lighting stands can hold up to 10kg.
  • Strong rubber feet: Most DJ lighting stands also feature strong rubber feet for support of the stand.
  • Stainless-steel stands: Stainless steel makes the stands more durable.
  • Butterfly nuts: Butterfly nuts help to reinforce tightness.
What equipment can DJ lighting stands support?

These stands can support numerous types of equipment for a DJ's set. It can hold different types of lights, such as the halogen and LED lights that are often used during a set in a nightclub. When made of stainless-steel material, they can support the weight of the types of aforementioned lights for lengthy periods of time. The overall structure of the stands also helps when supporting cables are needed to connect to lights and different speakers. Their thin shape makes it easy for cables to wrap around or to go through them (if the stand has small holes) to connect them to the lighting equipment.

What types of DJ lighting stands are available for use?

You can use a wide variety of stands to keep your equipment safe from damage. Whether they are new or pre-owned DJ lighting stands, some types include:

  • Tripod: A tripod is one of the most common types of stands. It is mounted by three different legs and kept together by nuts. On tripods, you can fit smaller, more compact objects that can be fit on the top of the tripod.
  • Totem: A totem is a tall stand with a wide base that can either support wired lighting or bigger lights that fit the mold of the stand. Totems are often used for lights like strobe lights, but they can also be part of an overall effect that includes a scrim cover. With a scrim cover, you can place it over a totem that is handling lights to create a blanketed lighting effect.
  • Laser mounts: There are also laser mounts for supporting small laser lights. They are usually shaped like a computer model that fits the lasers in the middle of the structure.
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