Get That Retro Sound With a Personal Cassette Player

Cassette tapes are making a comeback, and what better way to enjoy that grungy sound than through personal cassette players? Cruise the neighbourhood with a new punk release or your favourite vintage tape and bask in the throwback feel of a portable cassette player. Cassettes may be coming back, but players are hard to find, making eBay the perfect site to grab a new or used portable audio player that suits your aesthetic.

Are personal cassette players affordable?

Yes, depending on your specifications. eBay has a constantly updated stock of new and used cassette players to suit any budget. Bidding on some models starts at very affordable rates, with other models offering more features or mint condition for high-end buyers.

Functionality and compatibility

If you’re considering a used tape player, it’s a good idea to check things like playback, fast forward, and rewind before purchasing, or confirming with the seller that these mechanical functions are still working properly. Also, if you’re hoping to slot your modern high-end headphones into a port from decades ago, double-check the specifications, as not all technologies are fully compatible.

Are companies still making personal cassette players?

Yes, even though the ’80s were a long time ago, demand for cassettes and cassette decks has returned, and many companies are currently making personal cassette players. The Sony Walkman player is synonymous with portable audio of the ’80s, but the Walkmans manufactured today do not have cassette playing capability. Sony is still in the portable audio game though, with Aiwa, Sharp, JVC, and Panasonic also making similar machines. Today you can choose a small unit with portable headphones, or a little desktop unit with speakers. Many modern cassette players are also equipped with AM/FM radio or have the ability to play digital music through a USB port or SD card, so you’re not limited to your cassette collection. Consider getting a unit with an audio port for microphone recording, or technology to convert your cassettes to digital format.

Personal music player options

Cassette players were the first personal, portable music players, but they certainly weren’t the last. You can see the whole history of personal music players by browsing on eBay:

  • Personal Cassette Players: The player that revolutionised personal music.
  • Radio Receiver: Tune in for local flavour on your radio player and catch up on the latest news.
  • MP3 Player: Carry thousands of songs in your pocket.
  • Portable Stereo: Hoist that sucker on your shoulder and share your tunes with the neighbourhood.
  • Personal CD Player: Look for good shock resistance and spin that disk like it’s 2001.