Learn More about Personalised Face Masks Here on eBay

A hot seller and popular for parties, personalised face masks are bound to be a hit at any event. Whether a themed party, stag or hen night, or even a dinner party, get people into the fun with these great look-alike novelties. Available in various order sizes, styles, and materials, these personalised face masks are bound to make an already fun event memorable.

What features are available with the personalised face masks?

When it comes to features for these customised masks, there are many combinations from which to choose. Browsing the various listings quickly reveals the multiple possibilities to choose from, including pre-assembled masks versus a kit, a wide variety of colours, mask texture and construction material(s), and pre-cut eye/mouth/breathing holes, etc. Check the individual listing to see if the seller offers any additional customisable elements to further enhance your selection.

What specifications and varieties of personalised face masks are available?

Again, you will find a wide variety of personalised face mask options. Some of the basic categories and specifications to think about with your face mask selection are:

  • Brand - Both branded (e.g., Lord Fox) and unbranded masks available
  • Material - Photo paper, silk coated paper, and plastic
  • Style - Fully/pre-assembled, pre-hole-punched kit but not assembled, and unassembled kit (i.e., do-it-yourself (DIY) kits)
  • Occasion - Stag or hen party, birthday, anniversary, baby shower, graduation, business meeting/conference event, Christmas, and any other occasions as you see fit

The customised mask kits will typically include everything needed for a full and complete mask. This includes things such as the eye holes pre-cut, fixers, and/or strings to attach so you can easily and quickly put the mask together. Within the listing that you are bidding on/purchasing from, the seller will specify exactly what condition the masks will arrive in, as well as any contents that are included to complete their assembly (if any).

Are there minimum or maximum order limits?

Listings for both commercial and personal orders are available here on eBay. Some listings are for smaller, personal orders, while other sellers offer commercial services and can accommodate larger, bulk orders. For these personalised masks though, the listings often require a minimum amount. The seller will provide information about order maximums/minimums (if any) within the listing. Check the individual listing for details regarding whether there are any maximum or minimum amounts needed for the order, any additional order requirements (e.g., photo quality, etc.), and other pertinent information before bidding/purchasing.

What is the process to have these personalised masks produced?

Once you have settled on a particular seller and type of mask, the seller will specify the steps necessary to produce the masks. Generally, you will be required to submit a high-resolution (Hi-res) photo for which the masks is based. If the picture is not adequate for a good mask production, the seller will usually work with you to ensure that you submit the necessary photo format to produce a mask for your occasion.