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The Guide to Using a Petrol Hedge Trimmer to Perform Outdoor Home Maintenance

If you want to keep your property manicured and neat, you definitely will have to do some yardwork from time to time, and when you get to your hedges, there are few tools more adept at the job than the hedge trimmer. If you want to have a more portable experience, a petrol hedge trimmer is a good choice, especially if your property is very big. On eBay, you can find a relatively large collection of these types of heavy-duty petrol hedge trimmer models that are priced well and convenient to use.

What are some advantages of the petrol hedge trimmer?

When you opt to purchase a hedge cutter that uses petrol, there are some definitive benefits. These include:

  • A wire-free operation: If you have a large estate without a lot of outlets, a lightweight petrol hedge trimmer can be a real boon. These trimmers have unlimited range. In fact, the only limit is how much petrol you have left in the tank.
  • A heavy-duty construction: If you need durability, then a petrol hedge trimmer will usually have a construction that is fairly durable and that can take a few hits.
  • Cutting power: With a petrol-based system, these heavy-duty petrol hedge trimmer models tend to have more raw cutting power so that you can more easily cut through thicker wood at the tops of your hedges.
How does a petrol hedge trimmer cut through hedges?

These trimmers are designed with a similar functionality to finger-bar mowers. This is to say that they usually have a more extended bar structure that has a motorized cutting surface that cuts through the hedges. To use the product, you simply hold the motor portion of the unit with both hands and move the cutting assembly along the top of the hedge. This will allow you to create straight edges or curves.

Are there different lengths for a petrol hedge cutter?

Not every hedge is precisely the same, so it's relatively common for hedge cutters that use petrol to have multiple attachments that can help you adapt to the job. For those jobs that you want to move quickly through, a longer attachment will help you make a flatter and more extended cut that is more generalized. For narrower spaces, you can use a shorter attachment that will provide more nuanced cuts that can be useful if you want to do a little lawn sculpture.

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