Petrol Strimmers

Petrol Strimmers

Petrol strimmers are considered the tool of choice for cutting very overgrown grass, brambles, weeds and tricky to reach areas. If you have a petrol strimmer and a can of petrol for refills you are completely mobile and can work for many hours in remote locations, such as allotments or fields. Petrol strimmers offer some advantages in this respect over electric strimmers, which are either restricted by cord length or require frequent battery recharging for cordless models.


Petrol strimmers are available in a range of power options from 26cc to 58cc and which you choose will depend on the size and the difficulty of the area you are working in.

Brush Cutters

Most petrol strimmers offer a brush cutting option; a firm and robust triangular plastic blade that is used for cutting areas heavily overgrown with brambles or weeds.

Grass Trimmers

All petrol strimmers have a grass trimming option, with a traditional nylon cutting head. The nylon is available in varying thicknesses and the thicker the thread, the more robust the cut for overgrown areas.

Multi-tool Petrol Strimmers

Typically powered at 52cc plus, the multi-tool strimmer options are designed for those with large and considerably overgrown areas. These models include grass trimmers and brush cutters but also offer attachments for hedge trimming, pruning and chain-sawing making them suitable for working with most types of weeds, shrubs and small trees.

Ease of Use

Petrol strimmers typically weigh around 4kg, so are heavier to carry than electric models. The tanks are easy to fill and most models have an in-built anti-vibration mechanism, which reduces - but does not eliminate - the vibration felt during use. Petrol strimmers are power tools and are specifically designed for tough strimming jobs; they may not be the best or the easiest option for small areas, well-kept lawns or more delicate jobs like edging.