Connect More With a Phono to Jack Adapter

Have you noticed lately that more and more of your devices aren't compatible? You can link more of your devices with a phono to jack adapter. The adapter allows you to hook up a variety of audio and video cables, no matter their connectivity or their type of plug. You can find phono to jack adapters on eBay.

What type of equipment utilises a phono to jack adapter?

A phono is a type of plug for audio and video equipment that utilises a cylindrical connector and a prong. Therefore, a phono to jack adapter allows you to connect any type of equipment requiring a phono to a piece of equipment that utilises a jack outlet. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Headphones:earphones for listening to music or audio
  • Instrument:a device created or adapted to make musical sounds
  • Processor/effect:connects your factory stereo through the stereo's speaker wires
  • Send/return (insert):used when you want to process a signal directly
  • Speaker/amplifier:audio comes out of a speaker and an amplifier makes that sound louder
What types of phono to jack adapters are there?

There are a variety of types of adapters available, depending on the type of equipment you are planning on using and what you need it to do. Different types include:

  • Audio/connector end:an electrical connector that carries audio and video signals
  • Audio interconnect/adapter:connects source components
  • Single cable:technology that utilises a single coaxial cable
  • Snake/multicore cable:contains four to 64 individual audio cables inside an outer shell
What is an RCA connector?

An RCA connector is a phono connector, also referred to as a Cinch connector. It is used to carry audio and video signals. An RCA connector can be male or female. The male connector, also known as a plug, has a solid pin that is used for its centre conductor. The female connector, also known as a jack, has a centre conductor with a hole in it.

What are the measurements of phono to jack adapters?

Phono to jack adapters often have measurements at the beginning of their descriptions. These are measurements, measured in millimetres. These measurements refer to the size of the jack in your equipment, typically in reference to a headphone jack. There are three main sizes that are utilised. The different sizes include:

  • 2.5 mm Jack Male
  • 3.5 mm Jack Male
  • 6.35 mm (1/4 inch) Jack Male

See the manufacturer site for details.