Create Professional Online Marketing Images Using a Photo Light Tent

One of the main challenges of a small online business is attracting and keeping customers. Customers want to spend minimal time figuring out whether your store has what they need. Images of your product make this easy. Enter the range of photo light tents available on eBay.

When can you use a photo light tent?

Photo light tents come in handy while taking studio photos. They ensure you get professional shots of your product. The advantages of using light tents for your small business photography are:

  • You do not have to be a professional photographer to get a nice shot.
  • It is portable.
  • The photos have a consistent colour scheme.
Photo light tent vs natural light: What is the difference?

Light tents equalise ambient light. This removes hotspots that are common in pictures taken in natural light. Consequently, the photos get a balanced background colour.

How do you use a light tent?

Using a photo light tent is a straightforward process:

  • Put the tent on a table or at the edge of the table.
  • Roll down the backdrop neatly if it is of a different colour.
  • Place the object into the light box.
  • Adjust the settings of the camera and the ambient light of the tent.
  • Capture a shot with your phone or camera.
When is the right time to take images with a light tent?

There is little difference between the quality of pictures taken at night with only artificial lights on and those captured indoors during the day. All that matters is adjusting the ambient lights correctly. Nonetheless, avoid having direct sunlight on your photo light tent, as it is difficult to equalise.

Is additional processing necessary?

Yes, getting it right the first time is not easy. You might need the help of image processing software to create a homogenous background.

What is in a light tent kit?

Most photo light tents kits on eBay come with one or more tents, two light stands, two light bulbs, and a fabric backdrop of different colours. However, confirm these before purchasing the kit.

How do you take care of the backdrop?

Ensure it is creaseless by ironing it before the photo session. Always keep it dust free.