Photo Studio Backdrops

Backdrops are just as important as the foreground as they set the mood and tone of the photographs. A wide variety of backdrops can be used, such as solid colours, an image or even a green screen onto which the user can project their own background. Different materials are also used for backdrops and understanding the differences is essential to any aspiring photographer.

Seamless Background Paper

Giving seamless floor to ceiling coverage, these types of backdrops show no edges or separation. Often used in fashion and commercial photography to give a professional appearance, seamless background paper is great for its functionality. Marks created by shoes or the like can be easily dealt with by simply unfurling more of the paper and cutting off the pieces that have been marred.

Vinyl Backdrops

Vinyl backdrops can sometimes create unwanted reflections on models and other subjects. This is why matte surfaced vinyl backdrops are used due to their glare-free properties, which reduces reflections from flashes and other light sources. It is best to store vinyl backdrops either by hanging or rolling them up to prevent creasing. They are also easy to clean, making them perfect for shoots with animals and food.

Muslin Backdrops

Made from 100% cotton, muslin backdrops are dense, durable and lightweight, which makes them perfect for transporting the backdrop from location to location. It is advised to consider steaming the muslin backdrop to get rid of wrinkles before a shoot, although the traditional creased look of a muslin background is sometimes preferred.

Computer Printed Backdrops

Great for creating a particular theme that is completely customised by the user, the possibilities for creativity are endless. Heavier than muslin backdrops, computer printed backgrounds are often used for studio portraits in their smaller sizes. The larger pieces can be used for weddings, photo booths and even theatre productions. This makes them perfect for special occasions, and have the added benefit of being wrinkle-resistant.