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Pike Fishing Terminal Tackle

Terminal tackle can make the difference between landing a prize pike or letting the big fish get away. Pike fishing terminal tackle is usually extra durable to deal with the biting strength of pike. Pike fishing terminal tackle is available to suit the needs of all from competition high performance anglers to entry level recreational fishermen. It is worth bearing in mind that if you are intending on going pike fishing you should also consider buying the appropriate fishing rods , reels, line, landing nets, and dehookers or pliers.

What is terminal tackle?

Fishing terminal tackle is the gear attached to the end of your fishing line. Terminal tackle includes items such as hooks, leaders, swivels, sinkers, floats, split rings, wire, snaps, blades, spinners, and lures. Terminal tackle can be assembled in a complete set called a rig.

Pike terminal tackle

Pike terminal tackle is specially designed for the purpose of pike fishing or fishing for predator fish such as zander. Pike fishing terminal tackle is generally the strongest tackle available. When purchasing pike fishing terminal tackle look for durable high strength hooks and trebles. Many pike fishermen favour a treble mounted upon an 18 inch trace line. Hooks are typically mounted at 3 to 5 inch intervals. Trebles are hooks with three limbs. Trebles hooks are available barbed, semi barbed, or barbless. Hook sizes vary, although 4s, 6s, and 8s, are the most popular when used with conventional 6 inch dead bait.

Many anglers favour the use of pre tied wire traces and rigs that are ideal for mounting lures or dead baits. Essential pike fishing gear also includes clips, multi strand pike wire, and components that enable you to create custom split rigs for either bait or lure fishing. In addition there are a number of predator floats, dead bait floats, bait elastic and bait rigs available.

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