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Grow a Beautiful Garden or Flowerbed With Plants, Seeds, and Bulbs

If you are looking to make your home more beautiful, then start a flower garden, and you may also want to start plants to add beauty to the inside of your home. Gardening is a great way to put fresh food on your table, and there is almost an endless variety of fruits and vegetables that you can quickly grow. When you shop on eBay, you can find affordable plants, seeds, and bulbs from around the world that will thrive in your landscaping.

Does eBay offer unusual types of vegetables for your garden?

Yes. There are over 200,000 varieties of edible plants in the world, and many of them are vegetables that you can raise in your garden, including:

  • Black radishes - These radishes only have a 25-day growing season, and they thrive in mild climates. If you want to grow them, plant them in rows leaving about 5 centimetres between plants.
  • Ramps - This family of vegetables includes spring onions, wild leeks, wild garlic, and wood leeks. You can plant them as seeds and wait seven years for a crop or from bulbs and wait three years to harvest.
  • Jicama - This edible root plant matures in about 150 days. It prefers sandy soil with good drainage, but it also does well in raised beds.
  • Salsify - This cool-weather plant takes about 120 days to mature. This plant needs soil that is loose so that the edible root can go down into the ground.
  • Sunchokes - Plant sunchokes where they have plenty of room to spread out as they self-pollinate.
Types of heritage fruit plants you can buy

You may want to consider growing heritage fruit plants because you can harvest the seed and grow it next year. Choices in heirloom fruit plants include:

  • Alexander apples - These apples are originally from Ukraine, and they are self-sterile, so be sure to plant more than one.
  • Belmont pears - These pear trees produce an abundance of round pears, even in climates with short growing seasons.
  • Black Tartarian cherries - This tree produces an abundance of white flowers in the spring, which turns into dessert cherries as the season goes on.
  • Anna Russian tomatoes - These heart-shaped tomatoes have a short growing season allowing you to enjoy them early.
  • Baby boo pumpkins - These tiny white pumpkins are great for pies and other baking. They mature quickly.
Tips for purchasing flower bulbs

When it comes to looking for bulbs, it may help to know that there are two different types of flower bulbs, tunicate and imbricate. Tunicate bulbs have a papery outer skin. When you plant these bulbs, make sure to plant the paper covering because it protects and nourishes the bulb. Imbricate bulbs must stay moist before planting. Therefore, you need to provide a dark, humid environment if you are not going to plant these bulbs as soon as they arrive.