Connect to Your Network with a Plusnet Router

A Plusnet router helps you connect to your local network, and you can use it with a modem to access the internet. These computer devices can be found on eBay for an affordable price. Here are a few things you should know before buying your next router.

What is the difference between a router and a modem?

You can use routers and modems in homes and offices. They may look the same, but these devices have different functions. A router is a small device that connects multiple computers or users to a network. Most routers are wireless. There are some that have Ethernet ports for a wired connection. You may see some wireless routers with a moveable antenna on top. These antennas help to strengthen the Wi-Fi signal in the room. These routers can connect computers, smartphones, or tablets to a single network. Your router will give you access to the local network (LAN). This connection is not accessible to the internet.

In order to surf the internet, you will need a modem. The router needs to be connected to the modem by an Ethernet port. Your modem connects to your internet service provider (ISP), while your router provides a local IP address to each device.

What are different router bands?

You can purchase a router as a single, dual, or tri-band model. They each serve a different purpose in your home or office. A single-band router operates on one network with a speed of 2.4GHz. The dual-band model also runs on a 2.4GHz speed. This model uses a faster 5GHz network. Many homes and offices choose the dual-band router. They are the most versatile router because they can connect older devices.

The tri-band router is the most complex of all the models. This router can operate at 2.4GHz with two networks running at 5GHz. Some older smartphones may not be able to connect to these faster speeds. The tri-band router is used by people who may have multiple devices that need to be connected. If one device slows down your network, you have the option of connecting to a secondary one.

What router models are available from Plusnet?

Plusnet specialises in designing and manufacturing routers for business and home use. You can find a router that will work in conjunction with a modem for internet connectivity. Some of the new and used models you can find on eBay include:

  • Smart Hub Home 6
  • Home Hub 5 Infinity
  • Hub One
  • Technicolor Wireless
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