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Pod and Capsule Coffee Machines

With coffee being one of the world’s most popular drinks, there are now a large variety of different pod and capsule coffee machines available to help create the perfect coffee. Both of these types of machines have different features and benefits to improve your coffee experience.

You can find pod and capsule coffee machines from leading brands including Nespresso , Tassimo and Senseo .

Coffee Pods

Coffee pods are round in shape and are placed into a filter to create a brewed coffee. They look similar to tea bags, work the same and will generally hold around 7 grams of espresso within each pod.

Pods take longer to brew compared to capsules due to their paper packaging being so delicate. Coffee pods are typically compatible with all brands due to the size and shape being the same for each machine. That way you don’t need to worry about buying pods that fit your machine, as long as it has a portafilter you are good to go.

Coffee Capsules

Capsules are cylindrical vacuum packed capsules which use aluminium or plastic packaging. They have the same concept as coffee pods in that they are pre-packed measured doses of coffee.

There are generally two types of coffee capsule machines which have either an open or closed system. Open system means that there is a broad use of products that can be used, so you can try different brands within your machine. Whereas a closed system means that you must use the manufacturer's brand of coffee because the capsules dimensions only fit that machine.

Which To Choose

The Capsule vs Pod debate purely comes down to personal preference, with the small differences in features between the two gives you variety to construct the perfect coffee for yourself. Capsules and pods both offer a sensible approach to consuming and enjoying caffeine, as they provide portion control on the amount of coffee that’s packaged.

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