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Polycom VoIP Home Phones

Polycom VoIP home phones allow you to conduct your business and connect with your colleagues at home and with ease. VoIP phones work by converting the telephone audio into a digital format that is then transferred via the internet.

Types of Polycom VoIP phones

The Polycom SoundPoint Pro is one of the most popular Polycom VoIP home phones as it easily integrates quality phone functionality with a sleek and contemporary design. It has both a rear-facing and front microphone which provides a 360 degree coverage that is perfect for teleconferencing.

The sound is crystal clear thanks to Polycom's acoustic technology. This model also has 99 speed dial options, saving you time by letting you call a saved number at the touch of a button. You can also connect your wireless Bluetooth headset to this Polycom phone , allowing you to use your hands whilst on the phone.

The Polycom CX100 is compatible with Microsoft Office Communicator software, allowing you to make calls directly from your computer. This model doesn't feature a handset and only allows for speakerphone calls but it is still extremely useful as it gives you a fully hands free experience.

Polycom VoIP phone features

Polycom VoIP home phones connect over the internet using voiceover IP technology, so essentially you are using your Polycom home phone over the internet to make and receive calls. This makes it easier to connect to over VoIP devices.

Many types of Polycom VoIP home phones come with multiple phone lines. Most models come with 4 lines but some offer 6 lines or more. If you are intending to be using multiple lines, you could consider Polycom VoIP home phones that have a minimum of 12 installed. This allows you to have multiple phones connected at the same time.

Corded Polycom VoIP models are ideal if the phone is going to used in one place, like next to a sofa or on top of a desk. However, cordless Polycom VoIP phones allow you to use your phone around the house with no restrictions.

Some VoIP phones are even compatible with Skype, meaning that you can save money by using this free communication software over the internet.

Most models of Polycom VoIP home phones come with a conference call function, allowing you to have three-way conversations. This feature allows three people need to talk to each other at the same time, saving you both time and money as you don't have to individually call up each person.

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