Pond Waterfall Boxes & Spillways

Ponds and water features are a popular addition to many gardensand can completely change the aesthetics of your outdoor space, creating a relaxing atmosphere where you can sit back and relax. 

Waterfall boxes and spillways form part of a pond or water feature by creating a route for the water to travel along. 

Available in a range of designs, they can take the form of:

  • A watercourse
  • A smooth spillway
  • A construction of several waterways created by stones
  • A complete waterfall set up

Types of pond waterfall boxes and spillways

  • Driftwood watercourses - Designed to provide an interesting course for the water to flow down, driftwood watercourses make a great feature in a garden, of any size, large or small. These are usually made from treated wood, or, plastic or resin that has been treated to look like driftwood
  • Pebble watercourses - This product may also be genuine in its material, or, it may be made from plastic or resin to look like real pebbles. They can form complete waterfall water features
  • Stainless steel waterfalls - Designed to create a ‘Niagara’ effect by altering the flow of the water, it gives the impression of a flawless curtain of water. Stainless steel waterfalls are a great way of complementing modern gardens, and they can be illuminated at night for the ultimate garden feature
  • Spillway or box - Waterfall boxes makes the waterfall in one continuous sheet. They are usually made from plastic or metal

Benefits of pond waterfall boxes and spillways

  • Waterfall boxes and spillways help to provide a visually stimulating feature point in your garden or outdoor space
  • They enable water features to run efficiently, ensuring that they last a long time and work well
  • Using waterfall boxes and spillways can create a pleasing atmosphere, adding an element of  tranquility to your garden