Portable Audio Transmitters

Enjoy Your Favourite Music During your Commute with an In Car FM Transmitter

An in car FM transmitter plugs into the cigarette lighter in your car to play your favourite audio from your smartphone through your cars speakers. Some models even allow you to receive calls through your car stereo, allowing you to connect with friends and family hands free. Whatever your needs and budget, there is sure to be an in car FM transmitter for you on eBay.

What should you look out for when choosing an in car FM transmitter?

In car FM transmitters can be feature packed. Some that you might want to look out for include:

  • Bluetooth connectivity: Connects your phone wirelessly so that you can play your favourite audio through your car stereo without cables.
  • USB ports: Devices can come with a number of USB ports that allow you to charge your devices when your car engine is running.
  • Built in microphone: To receive calls when driving, the audio is played through your stereo whilst the caller can hear you thanks to the built in microphone.
  • Control buttons: Some devices have one touch buttons to help you control your audio or answer calls.
  • Monitor car battery: Some devices can detect the performance of your car battery and offer you a warning if it gets low.
How should an in car FM transmitter be set up?

Setting up an in car FM transmitter is relatively easy. Transmitters basically convert your audio into an FM signal that can be picked up by the stereo in your car. To set up a new transmitter simply plug the device into your cigarette lighter or another power source. Play some audio through the device so that you can determine when set up is complete, and then search for an unused FM frequency on your car radio. The manufacturer might recommend that you use frequencies within a particular range, so stick within that if possible. Once you have found an unused frequency, program your device into the same one, and you should be good to go. You wont need to go through this process every time as the chosen frequency can be installed as a pre set on your radio.

Can you see information about what audio is playing?

Some in car FM transmitters have a large screen and will display information about what audio is playing. Alternatively, your car stereo might be able to display text information about what you are listening to and if you connect your phone via Bluetooth, your transmitter will send this information for you.

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