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Portable Fans

Portable fans are designed to help you stay cool wherever you are. There are many different types of portable fans including desktop fans, floor fans, pedestal fans, handheld fans and many more. Available in a range of colours, shapes and sizes, there are many portable fans to suit your needs.

Many people use fans to cool them off on hot summer nights while trying to sleep, pedestal fans are generally used for this task, which are large and powerful. Pedestal fans are easy to move and position exactly where you need the cool air to flow. Perhaps most importantly, the newest varieties of oscillating portable fans are quieter so the noise of their operation is less, allowing you to get a peaceful sleep.

Hot days at your desk in the office can be uncomfortable, disturbing your concentration. Noise from a fan can be an issue in a busy office, thankfully you can now buy miniature portable desktop fans that are quiet running. These efficient small portable fans either clip onto the side of your monitor or have a small desktop stand. Different manufacturers offer a range of options to power these products which include, batteries, mains supply and increasingly through a powering portable fans using a USB port . Many remote controlled portable fans are useful in terms of easily adjusting room temperature with ease.

Bladeless fans

Traditionally, portable fans used rotating blades to blow air around. Modern times have seen advances in technology, and while portable oscillating fans are still widely available, you can now also choose from a growing selection of bladeless portable fans that blast an uninterrupted stream of cool air into the room.

These portable fans have a futuristic look, but are in fact not bladeless at all. They are called bladeless fans because the blades are in the base, hidden out of view. The blades draw air in and direct it up into a ring, then the air is blown through the ring and passes over a shape like an aircraft wing.

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