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Newborn Photography and Posing Babies for Great Shots

Posing beautiful newborn photos seems like a must-have requirement for the mums and dads of newborn babies. The newborn phase is very brief, so if you want to memorialise this period, you'll have to move fast. The following newborn baby posing tips can help ensure beautiful, timeless photos.

What types of hats work best in baby photo shoots?

Newborn babies have very delicate heads. Photo sessions take several hours, so you need to choose baby hats that don't put pressure on your infant’s heads. Choose prop hats (or your own) made out of soft materials like cosy fleece, gentle silks, and delicate faux-fur baby hats. Also, consider using hats that have very stretchable elastic to ensure that it is fitted to your infant correctly.

What should you think about when choosing prop baskets?

It sometimes takes as long as 6 hours or longer of photography and infant posing to conduct a successful newborn photography session. When selecting prop baskets, make sure they come fully lined with materials like fur and thick cotton to keep your infant comfortable. You want to make sure that the box feels as cosy as a crib. If the prop you're interested in doesn't have a lining, you can search for something to line it with on eBay.

What types of props are best for newborn baby posing?

While babies can be posed in pretty much anything, there are certain props that will always get you the perfect baby shot. Many of these props can be conveniently found on eBay:

  • Wraps, swaddles, and blankets - Wraps, swaddles and blankets are brilliant examples of excellent props for baby photography. Choose fabrics that are soft and photograph well, including cashmere, soft knits, and lush fleece.
  • Bean bags - Newborn posing bean bags provide just the right about of support and malleability, allowing you to pose your infant however you would like.
  • Bowls and baskets - Bowls and baskets are always brilliant ways to show off how incredibly tiny your newborn is.
  • Hanging stork sacks - Hanging stork sacks are a cute way to announce a delivery. Be aware that the final photos are composites, not actual hanging babies.
What types of costumes are available for newborn shoots?

It seems that there's a nearly infinite number of costumes available for baby photo shoots, each one more adorable than the next. Think about a theme you find fitting for your baby, and go from there. Popular costumes include the following:

  • Baby bumblebee - A baby bumblebee costume nestled inside of a flower is always a hit.
  • Angel baby - An angel baby costume is another way to show the world how sweet your baby is.
  • Superhero - Superhero costumes are perfect for showing the world who's in charge.
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