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Power Adapters and Chargers for Sony VAIO

Generally, the vast majority of laptops will come with a power adapter or charger, but they can become damaged over time after prolonged periods of use. Choosing a new power adapter and charger for your Sony VAIO laptop must be done with care.

It is very annoying when you do not have your laptop charger readily available and it can be horribly inconvenient, so you need to make sure that you buy the right one. Power adapters and chargers for Sony VAIO laptops are readily available, allowing you to get back to using your laptop at your leisure.

Look out for the nationality

Wherever you go around the world, wall sockets will often look very different to the ones you have at home. When it comes to buying your new laptop charger, you need to ensure that you are buying the correct one for the country you are in or you will need an adapter. Many people don't realise until the very last minute that they have brought the wrong charger for their wall sockets.

Difference between adapter and chargers

Although this might seem strange, there are many different types of electrical power to use: direct current (DC) and alternating current (AC). Laptops, mobile phones and portable DVD players all use DC power, whereas most wall sockets use AC power. This means that the electrical power needs to be adapted between leaving the wall socket and entering the laptop battery .

This is where the power adapter comes in. Most people assume that the power adapter that comes with their charger is in fact just part of the charger itself. It's not. The power adapter is a whole different thing entirely. It is the black box that is often attached to the charging cable itself.

The actual charger section is different and it is the cable that is designed for your particular device. It will make sure only the right amount of power goes into the right place safely and securely. Make sure that you buy both parts and not just the one.

Choosing your laptop charger

Even among the Sony brand, many laptops have different charging ports. Make sure to check that the charger you buy is for the Sony VAIO. Always buy genuine Sony products when you can, as these will have been made to rigorous safety standards.

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