A Guide to Buying Your First Power Boat

You cherish your time on the water, so a power boat may be your ultimate luxury item, whether it's a simple rig for rugged fishing trips or a cushy model for whiling away long summer afternoons. It can be the main attraction at your favourite holiday spot or provide an easy weekday getaway. Thanks to the large selection of power boats for sale in the UK, you can find exactly what you need on eBay with minimal effort.

What type of power boat do you need?

When browsing the speed boats for sale, knowing what your needs and preferences are will help you narrow down the results and find the perfect item. Boats are generally broken down into three categories: man-powered, sailboats, and motorboats. Speed (or power) boats fall into the last category and have a number of different types and uses. Several common types are:

  • Beginner boats: Easy to use and maintain, several good beginner boats include bowriders, dinghys, and inflatable boats.
  • Sport boats: These include the fast boats used for racing, skiing, or parasailing. Sport boats include high-performance boats and jet boats.
  • Fishing boats: Sturdy, steady, and primarily for angking, these usually include utility boats, runabouts, and bass boats.
  • Luxury boats: These are usually used for long and comfortable stays on the water, prioritising comfort over speed. They include houseboats, cruisers, and cuddy cabins.
Top brands of speed boat for sales in the UK

There's a large number of speed boat manufacturers known for their timeless quality and sleek, functional designs. Here are a few of the top brands of speed boats for sale:

  • Sea Ray: Known for their large family models.
  • Bayliner: The world's largest boat manufacturer, they're known for their fishing models.
  • Mastercraft: Known for their flexible sport models.
  • Baja: Known for their comfortable luxury boats.
Buying new versus used eBay power boats

There are some advantages to considering the brand-new power boats for sale. You'll get the newest tech and innovations and the satisfaction of a clean, shiny vehicle. There's also no previous history or records to keep track of. However, it might be worth your while to check eBay UK used speed boats as well. Aside from the obvious differences in pricing, there are a few other benefits to buying used instead of new:

  • Lower yearly ownership costs.
  • Time-tested equipment and features.
  • Budget space for personal add-ons and upgrades.
  • Less stress about inevitable repairs or tiny dings in the future.