Printer Laser Drums for Samsung CLP

Printer laser drums for Samsung CLP

Get your Samsung CLP back in full working order with a new printer laser drum. Instead of getting a brand new printer, check to see if your laser drum needs replacing. If so, you can save yourself time and money searching for a new printer. Browse a varied range of printer and scanner parts and accessories here on eBay. 

When searching for these parts, keep the precise model in mind to ensure that your new laser drum perfectly fits your Samsung CLP printer. Also only install these printer parts if you know what youre doing, or use a professional service. Incorrect installation or the using the wrong part can cause damage to your printer. 

Printer laser drums

Printer laser drums are very important parts of your machine. The toner adheres to the drum before being processed onto the paper, meaning that without one, your printer wont work. 

These parts typically come with the drum itself and the housing needed to clip it in. Keep an eye out for drums for specific Samsung CLP printers, like the CLP-36X, CLP-320 and CLP-310. With so many compatible models, youre sure to find something to get your printer back to full working order. 

Save some money by looking for used printer laser drums, or refurbished models. Youll also come across a range of drums designed by other manufacturers, like CartidgeX, alongside OEM Samsung printer laser drums

Remanufactured drum units can save you money as theyre extra long-lasting, offering up to 32,000 printed pages in one life. These often come as a bundle with reset chips. 

Youll also find smaller parts like drum reset chips and fuses. These are simply installed onto the drum to reset it, saving you money on buying and installing a brand new drum. Some simply stick onto the drum whilst others needed to be welded.