Pro Audio Cases, Racks & Bags

Expensive live sound and studio equipment requires the right type of time saving storageand protection whenever it needs to be transported from venue to venue. 

When you’re loading, unloading and setting up you need to know that your equipment will always arrive undamaged. 

Pro audio cases, racksand bags offer the ultimate on the road protection.

The benefits of a perfect pro audio case, rack or bag

  • Protecting your investment – Sound and studio equipment that needs to be moved from one place to another requires suitable transportation protection. Tough and heavy-duty pro audio cases ensure that your expensive equipment arrives undamaged and in one piece, and can protect virtually anything
  • Practical storage – Cases, racks, bags and trunks are designed to accommodate your needs. Some cases can be fitted with fit to pick foam lining that cushions the items that are stored inside
  • Secure stacking – Pro audio cases are fitted with indents that prevent the cases from moving when stacked
  • Customised protection – With so many different styles of pro audio equipment transport cases available it is easy to customise your storage. To protect your kit choose from lightweight bags to heavy-duty cases that feature deep lift-off lids

Different types of pro audio cases, racks and bags

  • Flight case – Durable, sturdy and practical, the road-proof construction flight case usually features removable fronts and backs with butterfly catches, and secure indents that stop movement whilst stacked
  • Rack case – Also known as equipment mounting cases, tough and durable rack cases are designed to mount mixers and other flat equipment. The easy access cases have removable fronts and backs with butterfly catches and indents
  • Hard case – Heavy-duty hard cases are available in many sizes and designs and can include fit to pick foam lining.