• *RARE* CASIO HT-3000 - 1 Oscillator Poly Synth with ANALOG Filters - Excellent

    Superb late 80s synth - collector's item. Even with just a little playing around you can get some amazing sounds out of this. It can produce some very organic lo-fi ambient and sequence sounds and some soft drum electric drums.
    Brand: Casio
    Free postage
    11 watching
  • New listingVintage analogue Multivox MX3000 synthesiser

    This is an exceptionally rare chance to get hold of the Multivox MX3000. Many hours have been spent fixing various faults which appeared after a long period in storage (for example replacing electrolytic capacitors on PSU and other boards).
    12 bidsEnding 1 Oct at 9:13PM BST9d 4hCollection in person
  • Vintage Novation KS4 Rack Mount Synthesiser Synth

    (The guy is pretty annoying but it's a good view of what the KS4 does).
    12 bids
    £10.00 postage
    Ending 27 Sep at 9:01PM BST5d 3hBrand: Novation
  • Alesis Micron Analogue Modelling synth

    Awesome polyphonic, multi-timbral analog modelling synth, with arpeggiator and real-time controls. Excellent onboard effects. I have now included pictured of the RH PCB which I am prepared to include in the sale.
    2 bids
    £10.00 postage
    Ending Saturday at 7:30PM BST1d 2hBrand: Alesis
  • New listingRoland Juno 106 Vintage Analog/MIDI Polyphonic Synthesiser

    Highly acclaimed for its programmability and classic analog sound, the Roland Juno-106 has earned a place in the hearts of synth-lovers everywhere. Very collectable keyboard. Model discontinued 32 years ago.
    4 bids
    £14.00 postage
    Ending Sunday at 9:24PM BST2d 4hBrand: Roland
  • Arturia Microbrute Analog Synthesiser - Boxed

    14 bids
    £10.00 postage
    Ending 26 Sep at 8:56AM BST3d 15hBrand: Arturia
  • New listingRoland Juno 106

    Selling my baby, recently serviced/ voice chips replaced and contacts cleaned and retuned. Works ace. Sounds fat and warm as it should. Get your self a good juno. Its installed in my studio, ready for a roar when ever you want to listen before buying.
    Collection in person
    or Best Offer
    Brand: Roland
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  • Roland JUNO 6 Polyphonic Synthesizer JU-6

    The Juno-6 is a 6-voice polyphonic, digital oscillator, analog keyboard with a 5-octave, 61-note (C-C) keyboard. Though it only has one DCO per voice, it is said to have a warm and full sound. The DCO is switchable between any or all of the following waveforms: Pulse (with pulse-width modulation from either the LFO or the ADSR), sawtooth, and a sub-oscillator (square wave).
    3 bidsEnding 28 Sep at 3:03PM BST5d 21hCollection in personBrand: Roland
  • New listingKorg Volca FM Digital Synthesizer - Excellent condition used once

    0 bids
    £3.40 postage
    Ending 29 Sep at 10:29AM BST6d 17hBrand: Korg

    (277 pages of information that will make you a DX7 expert if you can stick with it.). The DX7 was perhaps the first digital synthesiser to become a commercial success. Over 200,000 were produced between 1983-1989 and it became an instant success.
    20 bidsEnding Sunday at 7:30PM BST2d 2hCollection in personBrand: Yamaha
  • ROLAND EG 101 Vintage Synth

    Even with those built in speakers, this latest addition to the Roland Groove line is anything but low end. Take some of the features of the MC-505 groovebox and the SP-202 sampler and you get the basis for the EG-101.
    7 bids
    £50.00 postage
    Ending Sunday at 10:10PM BST2d 4hBrand: Roland
  • Korg Karma Music Workstation

    Collection in personBrand: Korg
  • Yamaha Synthesizer

    Finally decided to sell this. It's a bit scratched and the knobs have come off but you can still turn them and it works perfectly.... it has spent most of its life being stored as I discovered soon after I bought it new years ago that I had no musical ability at all. So it really has hardly been used. Thanks for looking
    1 bid
    £30.00 postage
    Ending Saturday at 11:31AM BST18h 20mBrand: Yamaha

    The synthesizer is in full working condition. We originally bought it second-hand a few years ago to use with notation software for our computer. - Korg X5D music synthesizer.
    14 bids
    £12.30 postage
    Ending Sunday at 8:58PM BST2d 3hBrand: Korg
  • Yamaha djx keyboard, synthesiser

    Yamaha DJX keyboard, good working order with power supply. few scuffs and marks and a little dusty.
    1 bid
    £12.00 postage
    Ending 26 Sep at 7:04PM BST4d 1hBrand: Yamaha
  • Kurzweil K2000 V2 synthesizer

    (2) When playing, certain keys are played as though they have been hit very hard (i.e. are much louder than expected). This should be quickly fixed via a quick clean of the pads under the keys (?).
    0 bidsEnding 25 Sep at 1:33PM BST2d 20hCollection in personBrand: Kurzweil
  • Casio MT-400V Analogue Synth

    Great fun little Casio, can't count the hours I've lost toying around with the filters. Has been in my care for the last few years and never left the studio.
    Brand: Casio
    £15.00 postage
    or Best Offer
    17 watching
  • Yamaha AN1x, VGC, Used Twice, Home Use, PDF Man, Original Box, UK PSU, Tested NP

    The AN1x has only ever been played a couple of times at home, the manuals I took out to read through seem to have disappeared but are readily available from Yamaha as PDFs. Yamaha AN1X. I will put these PDFs in with the keyboard on a fat32 formatted USB stick to save you the effort.
    1 bid
    £25.00 postage
    Ending 29 Sep at 9:00PM BST7d 3hBrand: Yamaha
  • Korg X5D music synthesiser

    Complete with power adapter. Great synthesiser - just google it!
    13 bids
    £10.00 postage
    Ending Sunday at 10:01PM BST2d 4hBrand: Korg
  • Access Virus Indigo Redback ltd ed. Synthesiser (V RARE SYNTH + AMAZING SOUND)

    This is the awesome Virus Access Indigo Redback - a limited edition model of the stunning, powerful synthesiser. I have had since new, and have had a great time using this beast, but circumstances have changed and it's time to move on.
    12 bids
    £25.00 postage
    Ending Sunday at 9:00PM BST2d 3hBrand: Access
  • Roland Jupiter 4 analog synthesizer in great cosmetic condition!

    I aquired this synthesizer over 20 years ago and it is still in great cosmetic condition compared to a lot of others I have seen on the internet. Personally, I don't have much knowledge of this synthesizer and it doesn't have any instruction manual to go with it, but I think you can download these in pdf format from the internet.
    14 bidsEnding 26 Sep at 1:51PM BST3d 20hCollection in personBrand: Roland
  • Korg Minilogue Aluminium knob upgrade.

    The sale is for the knob upgrade only! not the minilogue synthesizer. sale is for 29 x aluminiuim knobs, 1 x aluminium slider cap. UK sale only.
    Brand: Korg
    £5.00 postage
    10 watching
  • Novation Ultranova Synthesiser - With Microphone

    1x large smooth encoder (with back-lit filter lock buttons). 37 note keyboard with velocity and aftertouch. 2 x 4 audio interface USB port (UltraNova can be powered via USB). Sustain pedal on 1/4" jack input.
    8 bids
    £5.00 postage
    Ending 27 Sep at 7:16PM BST5d 2hBrand: Novation

    Roland Juno Di in great condition with original power lead and manual. With so many sounds onboard, it could be a daunting task to find what you need. But fear not — the JUNO-Di simplifies the process of finding sounds with its dedicated category buttons.
    1 bid
    £15.00 postage
    Ending Saturday at 6:15PM BST1d 1hBrand: Roland
  • Roland JP-8000 Analogue Modelling Synthesizer

    Roland JP8000 analogue modelling synth, AC adaptor included. COLLECTION ONLY (finsbury park, london). The internal battery is relatively new so no issue there.
    6 bidsEnding 28 Sep at 1:37PM BST5d 20hCollection in personBrand: Roland
  • Roland 88 XV Voice Expandable Synth

    New 128-voice synth engine for extensive layering and multitimbral applications. Studio-quality reverb and effects derived from Roland SRV-3030, V-Studios, and RSS technology. "SRXpandable" via new SRX-Series 64MB wave expansion boards.
    1 bid
    £19.99 postage
    Ending Saturday at 10:13AM BST17h 2mBrand: Roland

    With autotune, stackable voices, patch memory and midi for this sort of money! It's rare to find something that's still undervalued, won't stay that way for long. Some age related wear and tear but very clean, pics should give a good indication but if you need any more let me know.
    Brand: Akai
    £25.00 postage
    or Best Offer
  • Korg, Monotribe, Synthesiser,Drum Machine,Sequencer, Bass Line, keyboard,MS20

    This unit has hardly been used, has 2 small paint chips the size of a pin head (see pictures). The KORG MONOTRIBE Analogue Ribbon Station. The incredible, portable 4-part analog synthesizer / sequencer.
    3 bids
    Free postage
    Ending Sunday at 9:01PM BST2d 3hBrand: Korg
  • Korg R3 Synthesizer Vocoder

    The following is what's for sale: the Korg R3 Synthesizer Vocoder.
    0 bids
    £15.00 postage
    Ending Sunday at 7:52PM BST2d 2hBrand: Korg
  • Kawai K1 Digital Synthesizer / keyboard, no charger or cables

    13 bids
    £8.95 postage
    Ending Saturday at 7:38PM BST1d 2hBrand: Kawai
  • Novation MiniNova Synthisizer - Mint Condition

    The sound engine and the synth effects inside the MiniNova will be familiar to UltraNova users. All sounds can be played directly with 37 keys of the mini keyboard. The MiniNova can be easily connected with a laptop or a desktop via the USB port and the MIDI in and out port.
    0 bids
    £12.50 postage
    Ending Saturday at 6:30PM BST1d 1hBrand: Novation
  • Roland XP-80, 64 Voice, 4 x Expansion with double stand & original paper manual

    This is the Roland XP-80 which is in great condition. This is the 64 voice and 4 x expansion model. Apart from the odd age related scratch and scuff this unit remains in good physical working condition and is cosmetically clean.
    0 bidsEnding 29 Sep at 9:02PM BST7d 3hCollection in person
  • Roland v synth keyboard

    Roland v synth keyboard version 2. hard to come by as people are starting to realise the potential of this beast. if you press them a bit harder they work fine.
    Collection in personBrand: Roland
  • Roland System 1

    Hi, You're bidding on a Roland System 1 I have owned this synth for a few months and have decided its not for me. I bought it second hand with the original box and manuals. In perfect working order comes with all original cables.  Any questions please feel free to ask Thanks
    0 bids
    £10.00 postage
    Ending 28 Sep at 8:36PM BST6d 3hBrand: Roland
  • Kawai K1 Digital Synthesizer Keyboard

    A Kawai K1 digital PCM-waveform synthesizer. There are 256 digital samples of waveforms, 50 of which are from acoustic instruments. You combine up to four wave shapes to create very new and unique sounds.
    0 bids
    £20.00 postage
    Ending Sunday at 12:28PM BST1d 19hBrand: Kawai
  • Oberheim OB-12 Synthesizer.

    Polyphony - 12 voices (Dynamic allocation User Voice reserve). Oberheim OB12 Demo&Review [English Captions]. Oberheim OB12 - demo (1 of 2) by syntezatory.net.pl. "Aside from great analog sounds, the OB-12 has an amazing set of hi-tech features!
    0 bidsEnding 28 Sep at 10:00PM BST6d 4hCollection in personBrand: Oberheim
  • Yamaha DX21 Digital Programmable Algorithm Synthesizer-Excellent Condition

    This Excellent Keyboard/Synthesizer is in Very Good condition & in Full working order. FM Digital Synthesis – Instead of VCOs, VCAs, and VCFs, the DX21 uses “operators” (a digital sine wave generator combined with an envelope generator) to produce sound that can be used alone or in combination with other operators.
    1 bid
    £15.00 postage
    Ending Saturday at 8:10PM BST1d 2hBrand: Yamaha
  • Novation KS4 Synthesiser keyboard with gigbag

    Collection in person
    or Best Offer
    Brand: Novation
  • Moog Voyager Analogue Synthesizer (Includes flightcase)

    For Sale: Moog Voyager Analogue Synthesizer in superb condition with custom flightcase included.
    1 bidEnding Sunday at 9:00PM BST2d 3hCollection in personBrand: MOOG
  • Korg X3 in good working order with stand!

    This is the Korg X3 in good working order with stand! Apart from the odd age related scratch and scuff this unit remains in good physical working condition and is cosmetically clean. All buttons are working and no missing keys.
    0 bidsEnding 29 Sep at 7:07PM BST7d 1hCollection in personBrand: Korg
  • Moog SUB 37 Bob Moog Tribute Edition Paraphonic Analog Synthesizer

    Moog SUB 37 Bob Moog Tribute Edition Paraphonic Analog Synthesizer The Sub 37 is a 2-note paraphonic analog synthesizer, built in the tradition of classic Moog synthesizers. It has a rugged black steel chassis with aluminum extrusion, and finished with classic wood sidepieces. 37-note keyboard that has both velocity sensitivity and aftertouch. All the original packaging is in good condition, the product will be sent in the original packaging by track postage. USB (A) to USB (B) wire also included, as well as a MIDI in and out wire. Excellent Condition Product. Not used many times as I didn't have time to use it. But it is outstanding!!!
    0 bids
    £40.00 postage
    Ending Sunday at 7:28PM BST2d 2hBrand: MOOG
  • Roland SH-201 Synthesiser Keyboard in stagg carry case.

    Great sounding synth with plenty of knobs to twiddle. Cool retro 'lego' like look. Has the D-beam so you can do Theremin-like warbles or alter effect parameters simply by waving your hand. Tap button to synch with live instruments.
    0 bids
    £15.00 postage
    Ending 28 Sep at 1:03PM BST5d 19hBrand: Roland
  • Arturia MatrixBrute Analogue Synthesizer (Used 3x)

    The MatrixBrute Analogue Synthesizer sounds superb, markedly making the most of its four-mode STEINER FILTER (upgraded to support both 12dB/oct and 24dB/ oct slopes alongside a dedicated Drive control for creating thicker sounds) and three-mode LADDER FILTER (known for creating punchy bass and fat lead sounds with 12dB/oct and 24dB/oct slopes alongside another dedicated Drive control).
    Brand: Arturia
    £30.00 postage
    or Best Offer
  • Korg Minilogue poly analogue synthesizer, mint condition with psu, cables, boxed

    4-voice Analog Synthesizer with 2 Oscillators per Voice. This is a terrific synth which has some pretty good presets provides the ability to develop and shape your own sounds. The sequencer is great and if you have other Korg gear it will sync up to share a master clock.
    0 bids
    £10.00 postage
    Ending Sunday at 7:27PM BST2d 2hBrand: Korg
  • Korg Z1 Multi Osciillator Sythesiser (MOSS) Virtual Analog + CF Memory Card

    Korg Z1 Multi Oscillator Synthesiser CompactFlash Memory Card. Includes a CF card for expanding the storage of sounds.
    0 bidsEnding Sunday at 9:18PM BST2d 4hCollection in personBrand: Korg
  • Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 6 Synthesizer (Mint with Flightcase+Original Box)

    For sale: Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 6 Synthesizer in superb condition with flightcase and original box.
    0 bidsEnding Sunday at 9:00PM BST2d 3hCollection in personBrand: Dave Smith Instruments
  • Roland JP-8000

    This is a common problem that happens with these synths and i have been told will eventually need one of the capacitors replacing to fix it. The internal memory battery has been replaced earlier this yeah and all other functions of the synth work perfectly fine.
    0 bidsEnding Sunday at 8:17AM BST1d 15hCollection in personBrand: Roland
  • Kawai K1 Digital Synthesizer, with PSU

    Powers on. Each key tested via midi sequencer to headphone out. This is all the testing I can do.
    Brand: Kawai
    £15.00 postage
    or Best Offer
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