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Got one to sell?

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Pro Audio MIDI Controllers

Pro audio MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) controllers transmit MIDI data to electronic devices or MIDI equipped instrumentsin order to produce a sound. 

There are a wide variety of controllers available, ensuring that you can find the right controller to suit your requirements. 

The most common type of MIDI controller resembles a standard music keyboard, however there are many different variations and features available.

Different types of MIDI controllers

  • Keyboards – The most common MIDI controller resembles a music keyboard, which will trigger sounds when a key is pressed. This provides a great way to control and trigger sounds with the playability of a keyboard. Many keyboard controllers will have extra features such as trigger pads, modulation wheels and control knobs
  • Drum Pads and kits – Available as standalone drum controllers or as a feature of a MIDI keyboard, drum pads are pressed and hit with the fingers to trigger a sound. Drum controllers often feature a variety of controls making it easy to sculpt different drum tones
  • Other – There are a range of other MIDI controllers out there including DJ controllers, guitars, MIDI drum kits, and wind based MIDI controllers which are blown into like a wind instrument

Benefits of owning a MIDI controller

  • Range of sounds – A single MIDI controller can work a variety of hardware and software, allowing you to access a wide range of sounds
  • Budget – MIDI controllers are available in a range of price brackets to suit any budget
  • Match your instrument – Whether you are a pianist, guitarist or drummer, there is a MIDI controller available that will play like your preferred instrument
  • Range of features – From basic keyboards to complex button filled drum controllers, there are a variety of features available to ensure that you can find a controller that meets your need
  • Portability – MIDI controllers are often extremely portable and lightweight
  • Durability – MIDI controllers are highly durable. This is because they are only creating a signal and not producing the actual sounds. They are less complex electronically than portable synthesisers, meaning there is less to go wrong
  • Long lifespan – MIDI controllers have a long lifespan compared to electronic musical instruments. You can use the same MIDI hardware but keep your sound modern with software updates.
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