Pro Audio Synthesisers & Sound Modules 

There are many synthesisers and sound modules available from a range of manufacturers. Synthesisers come in many different forms and capable of creating a wide range of sounds which can be used across many genres. 

Differences between analogue and digital modules

  • Analogue - These synthesisers use analogue circuits and signals to produce sound electronically. Synthesisers were originally analogue, and many players prefer the more traditional natural sound and hands-on tone shaping which analogue synthesisers offer
  • Digital - Digital systems use a series of algorithms to create sound digitally. Digital synthesisers are usually cheaper than analogue, and offer functions such as saveable presets and virtual imitations of classic analogue sounds
  • Hybrids - They offer a middle ground featuring both analogue and digital circuits. There is no correct type of synthesiser, and it is best to check which features best fit your style and budget

Benefits of a synthesisers and sound modules

  • Endless possibilities – Synthesisers can offer potentially endless tonal possibilities, ensuring that you have all bases covered no matter what genre of musicyou play. This makes a synthesiser a very versatile piece of pro audio equipment
  • Incredible selection of sounds – Whether you go down the vintage analogue route or opt for a modern digital synthesiser, there are an incredible selection of sounds and effects available to be created
  • Specialist vs general – Some synthesisers are designed to create a specific sound or effect, whereas others offer a wide range of sounds and features. This allows the casual player the opportunity to create many different sounds from one piece of kit, whist allowing others to find specialist equipment dedicated to a particular sound or effect which they desire
  • To suit any budget – Synthesisers and sound modules vary dramatically in price, providing musicians of all budgets the opportunity to purchase them
  • Link up – Modern synthesisers can often be linked together or to computers to allow future upgrades to its software, increasing its capabilities

Reliability and protection

  • Durable and reliable – When synthesisers were first designed they were often temperamental and suffered from tuning stability issues. Modern synthesisers are built from quality components, making them strong enough to handle touring and high levels of use
  • Cases and stands – Flight cases and performance standsare available to ensure your kit remains safe and secure during a performance or whist in transit