• Behringer Neutron Semi Modular Synthesizer

    Paraphonic synthesizer with authentic dual 3340 analog oscillators for insanely fat music creation. Pure analog signal path based on legendary VCO design to recreate classic sound performance. Microphone Accessories.
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    Brand: BehringerType: Modular SynthesiserFeatures: USB Compatible
  • New listingMoog Mother 32 Analog Synthesizer with internal sequencer

    Moog Mother 32 synth with patch leads (i think i still have the box and manual and will certainly include these if i can find them!) With power supply. Mint condition in perfect working order. Sounds amazing. Looks amazing. Enjoy!
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    £8.95 postage
    Ending 24 Nov at 5:05PM GMT6d 18h
    or Best Offer
    Click & CollectBrand: MOOGFeatures: Sequencer
  • Frequency Central FC Power PCB - Doepfer DIY

    Requires a 12V AC wallwart.
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    £2.00 postage
    Brand: DOEPFER
    126 sold
  • New listingRoland Gaia SH-01 Synthesizer Analog Moduling Synthesizer 

    Roland GAIA SH-01, in excellent condition with original Roland power supply. No box or manual (you can get the manual online). Local pick up preferred, could bubble wrap and box it up if needed.
    2 bids
    £8.95 postage
    Ending 24 Nov at 1:59PM GMT6d 15hClick & CollectBrand: RolandType: Keyboard Synthesiser
  • Fusebox analogue synth - 3 VCO, multimode filter and more

    Will send to UK only.
    £12.99 postage
    Only 1 left.
  • Roland SH-201 Synthesizer - Immaculate Condition - flight cased - barely used

    The SH-201 also features external audio inputs with dedicated filters and effects. The keyboard is compact with just 49 keys and is only sensitive to velocity (no aftertouch).
    10 bids
    £15.00 postage
    Ending Sunday at 7:00PM GMT20h 40mClick & CollectBrand: RolandType: Keyboard SynthesiserFeatures: USB Compatible
  • Nord lead 1 original rack

    The original, and still the best sounding the of the Nord Leads. Excellent condition, fully functioning.
    11 bids
    £20.00 postage
    Ending 20 Nov at 5:54PM GMT2d 19hBrand: NORD
  • New listingYamaha Reface DX Fm Synthesizer

    Great little FM Synthesizer from Yamaha in really good condition.
    0 bids
    £10.00 postage
    Ending 24 Nov at 10:03PM GMT6d 23h
    or Best Offer
    Click & CollectBrand: Yamaha
  • Waldorf Blofeld Desktop Analog Modeling Synthesis Module

    5 bids
    £10.00 postage
    Ending Sunday at 4:50PM GMT18h 30mClick & CollectBrand: Waldorf
  • Yamaha EX5 synthesizer workstation

    This keyboard / synth workstation is in very good used condition, but does have a couple of marks on it.
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    or Best Offer
    Ending Sunday at 7:46PM GMT21h 26mCollection in personBrand: YamahaType: Keyboard SynthesiserFeatures: Pitch Wheel
  • Korg Poly 61 Classic Synth-with Original User Manual

    Sadly I'm clearing all my gear as I'm having to down size accommodation wise. The Korg Poly 61 is fabled for it's rich patches and with good cause. There is loads of info on the net so I'm not going to go on and on extolling it's attributes.
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    Ending 23 Nov at 4:38PM GMT5d 18hCollection in personBrand: Korg
  • New listingMFB Tanzbar Lite Analog Drum Machine

    MFB Tanzbar Litedrum machine with original power cable.
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    Free postage
    Brand: MFB
    or Best Offer
  • Roland Boutique JP-08 (JUPITER-8) Synth Sound Module Rare Discontinued

    Hardly used, fully working. One of the buttons is missing, meaning it works but the butting isn’t there, this isn’t an issue whatsoever. A great synth.
    7 bids
    £8.95 postage
    Ending 19 Nov at 8:36PM GMT1d 22hClick & CollectBrand: RolandType: Sound ModuleFeatures: Pitch Wheel
  • Arturia Minibrute

    MiniBrute is a revolutionary new analog synthesizer from Arturia. Featuring a pure analog signal path and a host of unique features, it sets a new standard for what a hardware synthesizer should be.
    6 bids
    £25.00 postage
    Ending Sunday at 7:11PM GMT20h 51mClick & CollectBrand: Arturia
  • Yamaha DX7II D Vintage Digital FM Synthesizer Keyboard Synth DX 7 VGC yamaha dx

    0 bidsEnding Sunday at 9:58PM GMT23h 38mCollection in personBrand: YamahaType: Keyboard Synthesiser
  • Roland System-1 Synth - With SH-2, SH-101 or Pro-Mars Plug-Out Installed

    It is in great, clean, fully working condition and sounds amazing. The synth features are like a Roland synth greatest-hits with an architecture that combines the best bits from their classic analogue poly-synths.
    10 bids
    £15.00 postage
    Ending Sunday at 8:27PM GMT22h 6mClick & CollectBrand: RolandType: Keyboard SynthesiserFeatures: Built-In Effects
  • New listingRoland Boutique D-05 Linear Synthesizer D 05

    Roland D-05 Linear Synthesizer in great condition!
    0 bids
    £10.00 postage
    Ending 24 Nov at 9:55PM GMT6d 23h
    or Best Offer
    Click & CollectBrand: RolandType: Sound Module
  • New listingRoland JP-8000 with Spider Case Gigbag

    1990s Roland JP-8000 in excellent condition. It's a unique and versatile synth and I've had it for a couple of years.
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    £20.00 postage
    Brand: RolandType: Keyboard SynthesiserFeatures: Aftertouch
  • Roland Super JV-1080 - 64 Voice Synthesiser Module.

    Fully working - at least everything I have tried has worked. You can see the front and rear in the photos. I will include a print out of the downloaded manual.
    14 bids
    £10.00 postage
    Ending Sunday at 10:27PM GMT1dClick & CollectBrand: RolandType: Sound Module
  • Doepfer Dark Energy MK 2 Analogue Synth

    The sound generation and all modulation sources are 100% analog, only the USB/Midi interface contains digital components. frequency range about 32 Hz/C0 (reference note and octave switch in position -1) to about 4.2 kHz/C8 (reference note plus 5 octaves and octave switch in position 1).
    20 bids
    £6.00 postage
    Ending 19 Nov at 9:09PM GMT1d 22hBrand: DOEPFERType: Modular Synthesiser
  • Roland JV-2080

    Great piece of kit, fully operational.
    18 bids
    £10.00 postage
    Ending Sunday at 7:56PM GMT21h 36mBrand: RolandType: Sound Module
  • spring box synth contact mic reverb music box bespoke instrument sound box toy

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    £3.50 postage
    or Best Offer
    Only 1 left.
  • *Novation Circuit * Drum Machine*synth*sequencer*

    Want to get the latest updates for Circuit?. Circuit inspires, straight out of the box. Delve deeper into sound design with Circuit Synth Editor. Compact and battery-powered, Circuit truly stands alone.
    16 bids
    £5.05 postage
    Ending Sunday at 11:34AM GMT13h 13mClick & CollectBrand: Novation
  • Oberheim matrix 1000

    Fully working. Great way to get the classic Oberheim sound. 1000 programs. Can be edited using a software editor.
    1 bid
    £14.75 postage
    Ending 21 Nov at 5:05PM GMT3d 18hClick & CollectBrand: Oberheim
  • Waldorf Blofeld Synthesiser Keyboard

    For sale: Waldorf Blofeld Keyboard in white In ‘as new condition’. I bought this several years ago from digital village, but I haven’t produced music for sometime now, hence this has been stored (in smoke free house) in its original box and used only a handful of times. It’s absolutely mint. So grab a bargain as these still retail at around the £600 mark. Priced to sell! Apart from having great sounds, intuitive controls and a cool visual display, it also has weighted keys so doubles as a great midi keyboard controller. There are lots of demos on YouTube for an idea of the sounds! Thanks for looking! It’s available for collection from N8 (London) also.
    Click & Collect
    £20.00 postage
    Brand: Waldorf
    or Best Offer
    Type: Keyboard Synthesiser
    18 watching
  • Waldorf Blofeld - desktop synthesizer - Shadow Black edition

    Blofeld shadow Black edition synthesiser.
    3 bids
    Free postage
    Ending Sunday at 9:19PM GMT22h 59mClick & CollectBrand: WaldorfFeatures: Display Screen
  • Roland JX-3P Vintage Polyphonic Analogue Synthesiser

    Roland Jx3p Synthesiser from 1983 which I have owned for about 20years. The synth is in a very clean condition an in working order and has been kept in my studio.
    2 bidsEnding 22 Nov at 10:53AM GMT4d 12hCollection in personBrand: RolandType: Keyboard SynthesiserFeatures: Pitch Wheel
  • Korg Microkorg Synthesizer

    I don't have much use for this keyboard and it has been gathering dust in my studio. Dosen't come with battery pack (you can use a standard 9v battery pack with it) 
    8 bids
    £7.00 postage
    Ending 20 Nov at 6:09PM GMT2d 19hClick & CollectBrand: Korg
  • Roland JX8P vintage synthesiser keyboard with case full working order

    Roland JX-8P is a 61-key, velocity and aftertouch-sensitive, six-note polyphonic, fully analog synthesizer, in my possession since 1987. I gigged with it until the early 90's and since then it has been part of my studio.
    6 bidsEnding 19 Nov at 3:45PM GMT1d 17hCollection in personBrand: RolandType: Keyboard SynthesiserFeatures: Pitch Wheel
  • RAKIT Atari Punk Console KIT DIY electronic project circuit bending synthesiser

    £9.99 to £12.96
    Click & Collect
    Type: Sound Module
    94 sold
    Features: Battery Powered Option

    Roland JD-XA SYNTHESIZER Keyboard. cost over £1000 new but as I said in the original box and used only once. Used only once for a project.
    2 bids
    £15.00 postage
    Ending 24 Nov at 3:54PM GMT6d 17hClick & CollectBrand: Roland
  • Waldorf Blofeld Keyboard Synthesiser. Great Condition

    Waldorf Blofeld Keyboard Synthesiser. Great Condition used I home studio not gigged. Comes with software cd, usb cable & soft case, and original box. Collection only
    0 bids
    or Best Offer
    Ending Sunday at 4:25PM GMT18h 5mCollection in personBrand: WaldorfType: Keyboard Synthesiser
  • 84Hp Eurorack Rails (Pair) ( Doepfer type with lid)

    84 Hp Rails with lid unthreaded. Price per pair.
    Click & Collect
    £3.45 postage
    11 watching
  • Korg 01/W FD music workstation sequencer keyboard synthesiser in Preston Lancs

    For sale, a pre-owned and pre-loved Korg 01/W FD Music Workstation. Good overall condition - see photos. This is a classic synthesiser and still a popular item. Just switched it on and played it; the display appears to be perfectly clear and readable, and all buttons seem to be working fine.
    6 bidsEnding 20 Nov at 4:51PM GMT2d 18hCollection in personBrand: KorgType: Keyboard Synthesiser
  • Korg Minilogue Synth + Soft Case

    Selling this very nice synthesiser because of need. It’s been barely used. Adding soft case for carrying and power supply. Hope someone can enjoy it more than I did.
    0 bids
    £8.95 postage
    Ending 20 Nov at 11:49AM GMT2d 13h
    or Best Offer
    Brand: Korg
  • Korg Triton Le Music Workstation

    One of my favourite synths, "family room" forces my studio clear out. This is a great sounding piece of kit, if you know, you know. Will be very sorry to see it go but allegedly, we need the space.
    10 bids
    £30.00 postage
    Ending Sunday at 8:23PM GMT22h 3mClick & CollectBrand: KorgType: Keyboard SynthesiserFeatures: Aftertouch
  • Used Arturia Microbrute Analogue Synthesizer

    9 bids
    £8.00 postage
    Ending Sunday at 8:56PM GMT22h 35mClick & CollectBrand: ArturiaType: Keyboard Synthesiser
  • Moog Sub Phatty

    Just a year old, used sparingly and in perfect condition. All contents and original packaging. I can have this delivered if requested.
    5 bidsEnding 20 Nov at 11:52AM GMT2d 13hCollection in personBrand: MOOG
  • Korg Monotron with breakout box

    I'm having another clear out - so here is a Korg Monotron that I bought new a few years ago together with a breakout box that I made for it. The breakout box attaches to the Monotron with velcro and has the following inputs on 1/4 jacks.
    3 bids
    £3.45 postage
    Ending 19 Nov at 11:53AM GMT1d 13hClick & CollectBrand: Korg
  • Korg ARP Odyssey module

    This is an 'almost new' Korg ARP Odyssey module.
    Click & Collect
    £5.00 postage
    Brand: Korg
    13 watching
  • Moog Sub Phatty Anolog Synthesizer Boxed Perfect Condition

    Moog Sub Phatty, bought new last year from PMT for £720. I’ve only powered the Moog up maybe a hand full of short times in a home studio. Gutted I’m selling but sadly need the cash as the bass and tone you get from this is a monster. Its in perfect and as new condition as you can get, see photos! I’ve not even had time to change any of the presets, so pretty much as new. Comes with original box, manual, power lead and poster. UK auction only, payment using PayPal after auction ending. Posted using Parcel Force with tracking.
    0 bids
    £18.00 postage
    Ending 22 Nov at 7:15PM GMT4d 20h
    or Best Offer
    Click & CollectBrand: MOOG
  • Yamaha TX802

    8 operators per voice and an individual analog output for each operator.
    0 bids
    £20.00 postage
    Ending 20 Nov at 9:32PM GMT2d 23hBrand: Yamaha
  • Arturia Drumbrute

    The unit is in fantastic, clean condition, with no marks or scratches. It has been well looked after and covered when not in use.
    2 bids
    £13.00 postage
    Ending 22 Nov at 8:43PM GMT4d 22hClick & CollectBrand: Arturia
  • Elektron Digitone FM Synthesiser. Boxed with additional soundpacks

    The following are included. For sale is my Elektron Digitone. - Dataline - The Digitone Experience (this is amazing!).
    4 bids
    £10.00 postage
    Ending Sunday at 7:33PM GMT21h 12mClick & CollectBrand: Elektron
  • Korg MS20 Mini analogue monophonic synthesizer (Deck Saver Included)

    Korg MS20 synth Absolute mint condition. Hardly ever been used. Comes with manuals, power lead, patch cables (not pictured), USB lead (not pictured), and deck saver (RRP £45)
    19 bids
    £14.75 postage
    Ending 20 Nov at 10:26PM GMT3dClick & CollectBrand: KorgType: Keyboard Synthesiser
  • Elektron Analog Four 4

    Works perfectly, little use in studio.
    0 bids
    £6.39 postage
    Ending Sunday at 1:17PM GMT14h 57mClick & CollectBrand: Elektron
  • New listingYamaha DX100 classic FM synthesizer Vintage - House Garage Bass Not Korg Roland

    Comes with original manual. All good with this sound wise - fantastic sounds from all sorts of genres Very cool! There’s some cosmetic marks where I used the wrong type of cleaning fluid And some scratches Otherwise very tidy condition for the age I’ve had this since about ‘97 only selling cos I have a DX27 as well
    4 bids
    £8.95 postage
    Ending 20 Nov at 7:01PM GMT2d 20hClick & CollectBrand: YamahaType: Keyboard Synthesiser
Got one to sell?

Got one to sell?

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Pro Audio Synthesisers & Sound Modules 

There are many synthesisers and sound modules available from a range of manufacturers. Synthesisers come in many different forms and capable of creating a wide range of sounds which can be used across many genres. 

Differences between analogue and digital modules

  • Analogue - These synthesisers use analogue circuits and signals to produce sound electronically. Synthesisers were originally analogue, and many players prefer the more traditional natural sound and hands-on tone shaping which analogue synthesisers offer
  • Digital - Digital systems use a series of algorithms to create sound digitally. Digital synthesisers are usually cheaper than analogue, and offer functions such as saveable presets and virtual imitations of classic analogue sounds
  • Hybrids - They offer a middle ground featuring both analogue and digital circuits. There is no correct type of synthesiser, and it is best to check which features best fit your style and budget

Benefits of a synthesisers and sound modules

  • Endless possibilities – Synthesisers can offer potentially endless tonal possibilities, ensuring that you have all bases covered no matter what genre of musicyou play. This makes a synthesiser a very versatile piece of pro audio equipment
  • Incredible selection of sounds – Whether you go down the vintage analogue route or opt for a modern digital synthesiser, there are an incredible selection of sounds and effects available to be created
  • Specialist vs general – Some synthesisers are designed to create a specific sound or effect, whereas others offer a wide range of sounds and features. This allows the casual player the opportunity to create many different sounds from one piece of kit, whist allowing others to find specialist equipment dedicated to a particular sound or effect which they desire
  • To suit any budget – Synthesisers and sound modules vary dramatically in price, providing musicians of all budgets the opportunity to purchase them
  • Link up – Modern synthesisers can often be linked together or to computers to allow future upgrades to its software, increasing its capabilities

Reliability and protection

  • Durable and reliable – When synthesisers were first designed they were often temperamental and suffered from tuning stability issues. Modern synthesisers are built from quality components, making them strong enough to handle touring and high levels of use
  • Cases and stands – Flight cases and performance standsare available to ensure your kit remains safe and secure during a performance or whist in transit
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