Puppy Training Pads

Puppy training pads are designed to protect your home from the kind of accidents that young dogs are bound to have at some point. 

You can prevent a mess getting onto your floor, carpetand furniture by laying down puppy training pads to help house train your puppy.

Types of Puppy Training Pads

  • Absorbent puppy training pads - these include an absorbent layer to soak up any liquids whilst your puppy is being trained.
  • Puppy training toilet mats - a large mat to place on the floor whilst training your puppy.
  • Puppy training pad holder - a holder that is shaped to fit your training pads, so the pads or mats don't move around from where you want them to be.
  • Scented puppy training pads - to help eliminate any smells that may result in your puppy making a mess on the training pads. These should help to cover up the smells of both pee and poop.
  • Large puppy training pads - designed for both large puppies (for instance, puppies from the larger dog breeds) and to cover a large area of floor space.
  • Puppy training pads for furniture - if your puppy already has a liking for a piece of furniture, you can start training them to use the pad by placing it on this furniture, then gradually moving it away as you properly house train them.
  • Attractive scent puppy training pads - these feature a smell that is attractive to your puppy, but is not detectable by humans. Can help to get your puppy used to using the pads whilst being toilet trained.
  • Artificial grass puppy training pads - can help to get your puppy used to peeing and pooping outdoors by getting it familiar with the texture of grass while being toilet trained to not pee or poop indoors.

Benefits of Puppy Training Pads

  • Clean - keeps your home free of puppy mess, especially when you get a training pad with a tray
  • Hygienic - prevents unhygienic pee or poop from getting into your house.
  • Disposable - most of the puppy training pads are disposable, so you can get rid of them safely and hygienically.
  • Training - an aid to the toilet training process, as you can gradually train your puppy to only peeing or pooping in one place, then gradually take it outside for a fully house trained puppy.