RC Helicopter Model Kits

With the development in technology in recent years, there has been a huge surge in the popularity of model helicopters and drones. On eBay, you’ll find a huge range of helicopter kits to suit all ages and levels of interest, from low priced children’s toys at just a few pounds, to collector and professional models costing many thousands.

All are designed to give you a realistic flying experience via your remote control and with just a little practice in the local park, you’ll soon learn to become an expert pilot.

If you’re looking for style as well as performance, you can choose original helicopter styles with one or two blade sets as well as a wide choice of domestic and military helicopter models.

If manoeuvrability is your first priority, you can choose the more modern four rotor drone style machines. Each type is available with a choice of electric battery power and/ or petrol or nitro fuel engines.

The more expensive helicopters tend to come fully assembled, with expert craftsmen building them with the same care and attention as the real thing. Alternatively, you can enjoy the fun of building your flying machine from a set of instructions yourself, giving you an extra feeling of satisfaction when your creation takes to the sky successfully.

With camera technology advancing all the time, helicopter model kits can now deliver stunning aerial photography to give a truly bird’s eye view of life. You’ll find high quality cameras plus all the connections and leads you need to download your incredible aerial footage on eBay.

Please remember that all helicopter model kits and drones should be used sensibly and within the law. You should never fly them around airports or flight paths and you should never use them to invade the privacy of others or to film in restricted areas.

eBay has a wide choice of helicopter model kits for every budget, along with a comprehensive range of accessories and parts to repair or upgrade your finished machine.

Top Products in RC Helicopter Models & Kits

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  • U818a WiFi FPV Drone 720p HD Camera Quadcopter With Headless Mode 3d Flip
  • Holy Stone Hs100 FPV RC Drone With Camera Live Video and GPS Return Home
  • Discovery Channel 360 Degree Super HD Microscope D26
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