RIMOWA Luggage: Everything You Need to Know

RIMOWA produces luggage known not only for being stylish but also for its ability to protect and secure your belongings. The German manufacturer started its luggage business back in 1898, but introduced its iconic suitcases with grooves into its production lines and fans in the 1930s. Find a wide selection of affordable RIMOWA luggage right here on eBay. 

What RIMOWA luggage is available on eBay? 

Given its fan base and growing community, the Cologne, Germany-based manufacturer has released several luggage models through the years. The following are some of the RIMOWA brand's iconic releases:  

  • ""See-Through"" Black: Born out of the collaboration between the German luggage maker and streetwear brand Off-White, this luggage features a limited-edition, transparent polycarbonate case, the RIMOWA Flex-Divider system, and an Off-White industrial luggage belt.
  • Cabin S: This luggage combines the benefits of polycarbonate and the company's take on aluminium-magnesium alloy, making it lightweight yet sturdy.
  • Check-in L: RIMOWA created this suitcase for those looking for the distinct RIMOWA original design. It consists of high-quality anodised aluminium and is robust and lightweight.

What features should be in luggage? 

For travellers, luggage is their home away from home. It contains every essential and article they own. Given that it houses all their essential and critical belongings, there is a need to invest in luggage that provides protection not only from theft but also from natural and artificial incidents. The following are must-haves in luggage:  

  • Durability: Given that it would be travelling from one point to another, the material/s used in a suitcase should be dependable for protecting your personal belongings.
  • Size: A suitcase should fit the 45-inch rule maintained by many airlines around the world. That should be among the first to consider when selecting a RIMOWA carry-on.
  • Capacity: The number of items your luggage contains determines whether it could be considered as a carry-on or not. Also, this factor determines whether you will be packing light or not.
  • Handles: An ideal suitcase is something that comes with a sturdy, padded handle for easy strolling.

What unique features are available in a RIMOWA suitcase? 

The brand is known not only for its unique approach to luggage design but also for its dependability and compliance to every standard, including the Transportation Security Administration or TSA of the U.S. The following are some of the advantages that come with owning a RIMOWA suitcase:  

  • Made from robust materials.
  • Lightweight to enable it to move around easily and contain more belongings.
  • A distinct, timeless design.

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