Find the Right Radio Communication Security Earpiece for Your Needs

A security earpiece offers you a way to maintain effective communications discreetly. Many new and pre-owned security earpieces on eBay have additional features that can enhance their functionality or make them more convenient for you to use. You can explore the site and its categories to find affordable radio communication headsets and earpieces that have the features or accessories that work for you.

How do the microphones in security earpieces work?

Many of the earpieces you will find on eBay include microphones. These accessories allow you to speak with others in addition to listening through your earpiece. Various earpiece models connect to their microphone attachments in different ways. You can use the helpful categories on eBay to find the listening devices that have microphone attachments. Some common options include:

  • Internal - Some security earpieces include hardware for a built-in microphone. You won't see external attachments with this type of earpiece.
  • Cable - Tiny microphone attachments can rest on thin cables connected to your earpiece.
  • Throat - These devices may use a cable, but it is usually short and will stop at throat level. This may allow the microphone to pick up your voice even if you speak at a muffled volume.
What designs can you choose?

Earpieces for security purposes are available on eBay in a variety of styles. If you have a preferred style, you can use the categories on the sidebar to find all the models that come in that style. You can also browse through eBay's entire selection to find the style you want. The design of the earpiece helps to determine how it will fit your ear. Some common options you will discover are:

  • Hooks or clips - These security earpieces use small attachments to go over your ear. The hooks keep the earpieces in place, and the main unit rests along your ear canal.
  • In-ear - These earpieces do not have hooks or clips, but they are designed to rest inside your ear canal without support. Many of these designs are sized to fit inside an ear canal and stay there.
Can you choose certain features for your security earpieces?

Many earpiece models include a variety of features you might want to use for your communications. Some of the most common features include:

  • Noise cancellation - This feature mutes background noise from the environment.
  • Volume control - Some models include dials or options that can help you raise or lower the volume levels.
  • Mute - A mute button lets you turn off the microphone quickly.