Professional gaming with Razer

Razer is brand recognised the world over by gamers. Their devices give you the best gaming experience possible and are made to be long-lasting, so you can enjoy the latest releases. 

The brand designs a range of equipment so you can fully kit out your gaming rig. From laptops to gaming keyboards, you'll find the perfect Razer devices for you right here on eBay. 

Razer gaming laptops

Game on the go with a Razer gaming laptop. These powerful machines can handle demanding games whilst remaining highly compact and portable. Move from room to room whilst playing your favourite games, or pack it in your bag to take on holiday. 

Even though the Razer Blade is only 0.66-inches thin, a 15.6-inch display with an edge to edge screen offers an astounding display with a 144Hz refresh rate. You'll never miss a thing, perfect for online gaming. 

Not only do you get more screen, but you can also do more with it. The 4K resolution shows bright colours and crisp details with ease and the touch functionality adds another way to navigate the laptop. 

Razer gaming keyboards

Make sure you're playing your best with the Huntsman, a must-have Razer gaming keyboard. Updated technology gives you a quick response, using mechanical parts with an optical light sensor. 

The mechanical design gives you that classic click feedback whilst keeping keypresses light and easy. Bright key lights add an ambience to your setup, showing a range of stunning colours. 

Razer gaming mice

Get a highly responsive gaming experience with a Razer gaming mouse. Go for a Razer Basilisk for something designed specifically for first-person shooter gaming. A Razer 5G optical sensor offers serious precision whilst the scroll wheel features adjustable resistance. 

Or, use the removable DPI clutch to quickly and temporarily change the sensitivity. This is perfect for super quick turning or seriously accurate aiming.