Reborn Dolls

Reborn Dolls

Realistic Reborn dolls have become popular among collectors who admire them for their lifelike baby and toddler looks and are keen to add them to their collection.

Reborn dolls standout compared with other dolls because they look so authentic and even weigh the same as a real life new-born baby. They are often handmade and painted so their skin looks rea, and their hair and eyelashes can be made from fine mohair, alpaca or Remy human hair.

Other details can be added to make a Reborn doll more lifelike including veining, incorporating ‘beating hearts, and placing a magnet inside the mouth to attach a dummy. Although more commonly made as baby dolls, Reborn dolls are also crafted as toddlers.

A Reborn doll is the perfect addition to any collection of dolls, or you might like a Reborn doll because it reminds you of caring for a baby, or toddler. Some people who have lost a child find a Reborn doll can help them with their grief. And because they are so realistic, they make fantastic props for television or film.

You can buy your perfect Reborn doll by choosing the material you would prefer it to be made from, with a choice of silicone, vinyl or a cloth-weighted body. Or pick your Reborn doll from a selection of baby dolls or toddler dolls.

Choose lifelike baby girls, dressed in pink, or baby boy dolls in blue; pick from small newborn-like dolls or larger older babies and find a sleeping baby, or a wide-awake and smiling doll. There are Reborn dolls which move, others with dummies, and you can even comb their hair and change their clothes. They often come with a blank birth certificate.

If you are looking for a toddler-sized Reborn doll check out girl and boy dolls with realistic wig hair, weighted-cloth or soft silicone vinyl bodies, dressed in cute outfits which you can change day-to-day.