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A Reciprocating Saw Will Take Care of the Cut

Whether you have large or small projects to tackle, a reciprocating saw can quickly cut through many types of materials that are in your way. Reciprocating saws are useful DIY tools for demolition, and there are many new and used saws available on eBay.

How do reciprocating saws differ from each other?

The main differences in the various affordable reciprocating saw models on eBay are related to:

  • Cutting speed: Cutting speeds generally fall in the range between 2,600 and 3,300 strokes per minute. Faster speeds translate into more efficient cuts when working with wood, composite, and plastic. You may actually want to slow down the cutting speed when precision matters or when you're cutting hard materials like sheet metal or pipes. Some models come with variable speeds to offer more versatility.
  • Comfort: If you're briefly using a reciprocating saw to take down a wall, for example, you can go with a cheap model with few conveniences. If you plan on using your saw for many projects, consider upgrading to something with an anti-vibe handle and ergonomic grips. This can lessen fatigue and increase your control.
  • Orbital motion: Older models and cheap saws will have a simple back-and-forth action of the blade. Premium power tools could come with orbital action. With this feature, saw blades follow a slightly circular pattern as they cut, allowing for faster cuts on soft materials. On high-end saws, you can easily switch between a straight stroke and orbital action depending on the situation.
  • Adjustable footplate: As you cut, you'll often push the surface you're cutting right against the footplate to provide leverage. Having the ability to adjust the position of the footplate can let you control your cuts better. It will also let you use different parts of your blade, preventing one section from wearing out before the others do.
Should you get a corded or cordless saw?

There are advantages to both styles:

  • Corded: Corded models can run continuously as long as you have an outlet nearby. They are known to be strong and sturdy.
  • Cordless: You'll want a cordless model if you prefer the freedom of using a power tool without a cord to worry about. This means you can reach into the corners of a room, up in the attic, or out in the shed. You'll just have to charge your batteries beforehand. Most saws use a lithium battery. Battery life will vary from model to model.

As time goes on, those advantages get slightly blurred as innovations have increased the power of cordless models and increased the reach of corded ones.

New and used reciprocating saw brands

The companies that make these types of tools include:

  • Dewalt
  • Makita
  • SKIL
  • Milwaukee
  • Wen
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