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*Based on average prices from June to December 2019 comparing refurb to new.

Buy Tech Refurbished with Confidence

Fancy a new phone or laptop, but don’t have the budget for it? Fancy upgrading your camera or camcorder while downgrading the price? Refurbished technology is a great way to get the kit and equipment you want for a fraction of the cost of new.

Good as New

Refurbished Technology is all thoroughly checked and tested to make sure it is in full working order, just like new. Some refurbishers will even replace selected parts so they’re not just like new, they are new. For example, some refurbished phones come with a new case or body shell, while some refurbished laptops come with a new battery.

Virtually New

Often refurbished technology is virtually new, because it comes from returns to major suppliers. Argos Outlet, Panasonic Outlet and Tesco Outlet all offer low prices on phones, laptops, TVs and other equipment that have been returned to them for one reason or another, sometimes simply because the buyer changed their mind or found that the equipment didn’t fit into their home or lifestyle.

Grades and Guarantees

The best quality refurbished technology will come with a guarantee, just like the new product. This will cover you for things like mechanical failure or defective parts, including any parts added during the refurbishment process.

Some refurbished phones, refurbished laptops and other refurbished equipment is listed with a grade, such as A or AAA. This will give you some idea of the quality and condition of the item, but should be approached with caution. There is no official or binding standard for these grades, so they can only be used to compare stock within one company, rather than between companies.

Grab a Bargain

With a guarantee, a full check and test and even replacement parts, refurbished equipment is well worth considering as an alternative to new stuff. After all, your phone, laptop or TV doesn’t stay new for long even if you pay the full new price.