A Pithy Introduction to Renault Classic Cars

One of the oldest auto manufacturers, the French firm Groupe Renault began producing vehicles in 1899. More than 120 years later, the company continues to produce numerous vehicle types, including cars and vans like the Renault 5 GT Turbo for sale on eBay. Its prior vehicles included buses, motor coaches, lorries, tractors, autorail vehicles, and aircraft engines.

Features that qualify a Renault vehicle as a classic

While car collectors typically classify a classic car as any vehicle 10 years old or older, Renault created its own definition. The manufacturer defines a classic Renault as a model of its vehicles aged 25 or older. This makes all years of the Renault 4 a classic. It means some years of the Renault 5 GT Turbo have yet to qualify. The owners of all Renault vehicles aged 25 years or older may register and participate in the Renault Classic Car Club. Established in 2001, it helps owners with preservation information and parts location. It also provides interested members with information and assistance in entering motor sports.

Under what brands does Renault manufacture vehicles?

You can purchase classic cars, vans, buses, motor coaches, lorries, tractors, autorail vehicles, Formula 1, and Formula E racing cars. Renault manufactures under its own branding. It also owns an interest in or outright owns subsidiary companies, so you may see many various brands of vehicle listed under its name. This includes Alpine, Romania’s Automobile Dacia, South Korean firm Renault Samsung Motors, Russia’s AvtoVAZ, Japan’s Nissan in which it owns a 43.4% controlling interest, and Germany’s Daimler AG in which it owns a 1.55% interest. It launched joint ventures in Turkey and Iran, known as Oyak-Renault and Renault Pars, respectively. It owns the automotive parts firm Motrio. In 2001, it sold its industrial vehicles subsidiary, Renault lorrys, to AB Volvo.

Vintage Renault cars for sale

The manufacturer has produced vehicles for so long that more than 100 distinct models of its branding alone exist. You might look for an affordable 1961 to 1992 model Renault 4 for sale or search for every Renault 5 GT Turbo eBay has for sale. Due to the breadth of years some vehicle types were made, you’ll find a wide range of body styles if you only search by make and model. A search for “Renault 5 for sale” would net you 24 years of vehicle releases. It also explains why it is so easy to find a classic Renault 5 for sale or a Renault 4 for sale in the UK. You will find it more challenging to locate a Renault 14. It was only produced for three years. It periodically released a concept car. The company would only manufacture these vehicles for one year. These include the Be Bop from 2003 and the Fiftie from 1996.