Retail & Shop Mannequins

Retail & Shop Mannequins

Whether youre a hip pop-up store, an established retailer or a quirky vintage boutique, mannequins are key to showing off your clothes. From whole mannequins that just need to be dressed to single body parts, there are plenty of retail and shop mannequins for you to pick the perfect one for your store.

Whole mannequins

No matter what gender clothing you sell you can find the right mannequin to show it all off. Sell mens, womens and childrens clothes? No problem, there are male, female and child mannequins on offer so you could show off your whole clothing range in one window display.

You can also find plus-size mannequins, which are great if you stock plus-size clothing. This might also be a good option if you want to represent the range of body types of your customers accurately.

Part mannequins

If youre not looking to display a complete outfit then you might want a mannequin that only represents one body part. You can find torsos, limbs and heads individually which gives you more freedom to create your own poses for your mannequins. Own a sports shop? Choose bendable limbs and put your mannequins in an athletic pose.

Theres a good selection of patterned and decorative torso mannequins available too. A torso mannequin in a pretty pattern would look good in a dressmakers shop with a tape measure draped over it for example. You could use the mannequin to demonstrate to clients how a garment will fit after completion.

Not just for clothes

Mannequins arent only great for displaying clothes, they can be a fantastic way to show off accessories. A headstand can be used to display a wig, or for something a little more sophisticated why not go for a head with a face and base stand? Hats and wigs will look great and demonstrate to your customers how these items would look on.