Retired TY Beanie Babies

Add new pieces to your collection with retired TY Beanie Babies – choose ones with the heart-shaped label still in tact as these make the best collectables.

From their introduction in 1990s, Beanie Babies have always been popular and are still collectable pieces today. When they were originally released, children queued to buy the newest additions. Most of the generic and mass-produced Beanie Babies aren’t worth a lot any more but keep an eye out for some special editions to add to your collection.

Special Beanie Babies

Beanie Babies were originally launched in 1993 with a line of nine plush toys; these were made from a combination or beans and stuffing, which had never been seen before, which let the toys sit upright. The toys were designed to be simple in appearance with coloured fabric and a few details for the face.

As these first toys were not considered as collectors’ items, the tags were mostly removed as recommended, and played with by children. If you come across any of these original nine Beanie Babies that still have their tag on, they are of high value. These toys were retired in 1997 and 1998.

The most collectable Beanie Babies include the Princess, Nana the monkey and the Peace bear. Any editions that were released with spelling mistakes are popular collectors items too.


As most of the mass-produced and common Beanie Babies aren’t worth a lot, you can grab bundles of toys to play with. Choose your favourite animal or a bear in your favourite colour to cuddle up with. You can choose bundles of birds or cats, or whichever animal you love.

Beanie Babies come with their own date of birth so they are a great gift idea for someone with the same birthday.

For a touch of something different, choose extinct or mythical creatures or patriotic bears, which come in flag designs.