Get on the Right Wavelength with a Roberts Radio

Roberts Radios have a reputation for uncompromising quality and stylish design. Established in the 1930s, the brand has seen a resurgence since the introduction of DAB radios in 1999. eBay offers a wide selection of models from pocket sized to sound system. 

What is the difference between DAB and internet radio? 

DAB Radios receive a digital audio signal and pick up a wide variety of channels. Internet Radio connects to web-based stations over Wi-Fi, so you can listen to stations from all over the world. 

What are the advantages of DAB radios over traditional radios? 

There are many advantages to using a Roberts DAB radio including:  

  • Clear signal with no static.
  • Many stations, including some that are digital only.
  • Clear read outs tell you the station name, and information about what is playing.
  • Pause, record, and rewind functions. Some Roberts DAB radios come with these facilities.
  • Roberts Radio offer a range of models that have smart designs and lots of useful features.

Do you also need an internet radio? 

Roberts Radio also produces radios that can play stations from the internet. These can receive thousands of channels over Wi-Fi from online stations. If you want to listen to these through your radio, then this is a feature to look out for. Some Roberts Radio models also stream online music services, can be hooked up to your MP3 player or laptop, and they can even be remotely controlled by a smartphone app. It all depends on what you want to use the radio for and where you want to use it. 

What other features should you look for in a radio? 

There are lots of additional features on different Roberts Radios, here are some to consider:  

  • Alarms: If you're looking for a radio to wake you up, good alarm options are essential. Look for radios that let you choose the time, days, and whether you want a buzzer or radio play.
  • Power source: Roberts Radios offers the option of battery power, electric mains power, and some models are solar powered.
  • Bluetooth connectivity: Use your radio as a speaker for your compatible streaming devices.
  • Headphone socket: Allowing personal listening and options for output.

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