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Rolex Watch Straps: Integral to the Watch

A Rolex watch’s strap or bracelet matters as much as the actual watch. The premium watchmaker’s watch straps are easily recognisable, thanks to their unique designs and solid construction. Find all iconic Rolex watch straps on eBay.

The significance of Rolex watch straps

The look of a Rolex watch is incomplete without its strap or bracelet. If you’re changing the factory strap of your Rolex with some other bracelet, it would completely change how your watch feels and looks. Rolex straps are integral to the actual watch’s overall design. In fact, the company puts a significant amount of research into makings its straps. Rolex’s Day-Date is nicknamed “President” partly due to its bracelet.

The various characteristics of Rolex watch straps

Rolex watch straps have certain unique characteristics that make them compatible only with specific Rolex watches.

  • Rolex watch straps come in different sizes, based on the gender of the wearer and the materials used.
  • There are unique codes to them that determine their size and the specific model they are made for. For example, 70130 is the code for the Oyster Perpetual 26 watch strap, which cannot be used with the Perpetual 31.
  • The last digit in the strap’s code denotes the strap material.
  • Based on the strap model, the clasp arrangement could also be different.
What are some popular Rolex watch straps?

Rolex continuously works on its bracelets’ design and quality, besides introducing newer ones simultaneously. The following are some of Rolex’s popular watch straps:

  • Oyster: The Oyster bracelet’s three-piece-link build makes it extremely varied. It’s usually used with Rolex sports watches, such as the Daytona and Submariner, and also dress watches, such as the Oyster Perpetual and the Datejust.
  • Jubilee: Dressier compared to the Oyster, this strap sports a five-piece-link construction, which includes three interior links bordered by larger links. This two-size link build is particularly noticeable on dual-tone Rolesor variants.
  • President: This strap’s three-piece, semi-circular links are instantly recognisable. It usually comes in yellow, rose gold, and white.
  • Pearlmaster: Part of Rolex’s lavish jewellery watch collection, Pearlmaster straps have a distinct rounded five-piece-link construction and comes only in 18k gold.
  • Oysterflex: The most recent of Rolex watch straps, the Oysterflex is a rubber strap, unlike other rubber watch straps, due to its unique alloy construction. This gives the strap the flexibility of rubber and solidity of metal.
What are the materials used to make Rolex watch straps?

Besides being available in different designs and colours, Rolex watch straps could also be made of different materials.

  • The Oyster bracelet, for instance, is available in a range of materials: 904L stainless steel, solid 18k gold, two-tone Rolesor, and also 950 platinum. The gold can be yellow, white, or rose gold.
  • Certain Jubilee and President bracelets contain fine diamonds.
  • President straps are made using only precious metals, such as platinum. They are never made from steel.
  • Pearlmaster straps are always adorned with diamonds and various other gems.
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