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Hit the Waves With Rolex Yacht Master Watches

If you love the nautical look, then a Rolex Yacht Master wristwatch is sure to be a winner. These luxury watches were designed for adventures at sea, but they're just at home on the land. Look for new and used Rolex Yacht Master watches for sale on eBay, and give your wrist a treat.

Features of Rolex Yacht Master wristwatches

Launched in 1992, the Yacht Master from Rolex was designed for boating, but made with luxury, as well as practicality, in mind. Over the decades, many different styles of Rolex Yacht Master wristwatches for men and women have been released, but there are a few things that unite almost all the models:

  • As you'd expect from a boating watch, the Yacht Master always has some waterproofing, with a maximum depth of at least 100m, depending on the model.
  • Luxury materials are used in the construction and many Yacht Masters use metals such as yellow gold, rose gold, or top quality stainless steel to produce a solid bracelet strap.
  • The Oyster bracelet has a double-locking mechanism on the clasp, holding it on your wrist with extra security.
  • You can expect the usual top timekeeping from Rolex in any Yacht Master model as they all feature precise design and movement.
Used Rolex Yacht Master wristwatches

These luxury watches usually have a long lifespan, so second-hand can be a good choice. You'll find yellow gold, platinum, and stainless steel Rolex Yacht Master wristwatches on eBay. Some have been refurbished, and you'll usually find that pre-owned watches are a cheaper alternative to buying a brand new timepiece.

Are there Rolex Yacht Masters for women?

Yes. Although Rolex watches are often associated with men, women's versions have been launched. Asian variants of the Yacht Master have also been released, aimed at men with a smaller wrist circumference. This means that it's possible to find a Yacht Master that will fit more precisely, no matter what your wrist size.

What metals are used in Rolex Yacht Master bracelets?

Over the years, a variety of metals have been used. You can find Rolex Yacht Master wristwatches with a rose gold strap and yellow gold is also commonly used. Some of the most luxurious models are the ones that use Rolesium - the name given to the Rolex blend of platinum and stainless steel. There are also two-tone designs, using two different metals in contrasting colours to create a unique display.