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Rotary Fob and Nurse Watches

Rotary fob and nurse watches are ideal for anyone in the medical profession such as a nurse, doctor or medical orderly who wears plastic gloves, or for those who work in a laboratory or anywhere that they would have to peel off their gloves in order to check the time on a wrist watch, since their gloves would cover their watch.

Rotary fob and nurse watches are pinned to the front of the wearer's uniform and the watch is suspended by a small chain. To the observer, the watch is upside down but when the wearer looks down at it and tilts it upwards it will be the right way up.

The word 'Rotary' has nothing to do with the watch design, but is the name of the best known manufacturer of these fob watches, and there is a varied choice of styles. Many of the watches also feature a pulse counter. This is a set of figures around the outside of the dial. The nurse takes your pulse with one hand and waits until the second hand of the watch points to twelve and then counts 15 heart beats. The number that the second hand points to at that moment shows her your pulse rate.

Most Rotary fob and nurse watches are made of stainless steel , but some have a gold or rose-gold coloured finish which makes them look more attractive.

The design of the chain, although only comprising of two or three links, can vary quite considerably. Many have links of a square design, but others have links with rounded ends which makes for a cleaner, sharper, more modern appearance.

All the links are attached to a small bar which holds the pin for connection to the uniform. Most of these fob watches feature a white dial, but some are also available with coloured dials such as blue, green, or yellow.

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