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Tips for Finding the Right Rover Complete Engine

The Rover was originally a British military vehicle that was required to provide performance in extreme terrains. Currently, these vehicles are classified as luxury SUVs but still have major demands placed on them. You will find all types of Rover V8 engines available on eBay to keep these vehicles in prime operating condition.

How can you tell if a Rover 3.5 V8 engine for sale will fit your vehicle?

There are two main methods for determining if a Rover 3.5 V8 for sale is a compatible engine for your vehicle. The first method you can use for finding this information is to check your vehicle's VIN. The eighth digit from the left in the VIN tells you the engine code for the vehicle. The 10th digit offers information on the year of the vehicle.

You can also use the compatibility tool that eBay offers. This tool is located at the top of the web page and lets you simply enter your vehicle information to find out if the engine and parts are compatible.

Differences between the Rover 3.5 engine for sale and the 3.9 engine

The Land Rover was equipped with the 3.5L engine from 1965 until the early 1990s. The maker switched over to the 3.9L engine and continued to install this model engine in the vehicles through the 1990s. See the manufacturer site for details. Here are the changes that occurred in the transition:

  • Engine displacement: The 3.5L engine had an overall size of 3,528 cc (215.3 cu inches), while the 3.9L measured 3,946cc (240.8 cu inches).
  • Bore: The 3.5L engine had a bore of 33.9mm, and the 3.9L engine had a bore of 94.0mm.
  • RPM: The 3.5L engine produced 5200 rpm, while the 3.9L engine produced 4750 rpm.
  • Torque: The 3.5L engine was torqued at 210 lb-ft, while the 3.9L engine was torqued at 250 lb-ft.
  • Additional changes: The 3.9L engine was equipped with a new intake and exhaust system, extra block ribbing, larger cross-bolted main bearings, and revised pistons.
When should you consider purchasing a used Rover V8 engine?

The complete engines that are for sale on eBay come in a variety of conditions. They can include new, refurbished, rebuilt, and original. There are benefits to purchasing used complete engines, such as:

  • Cost: When your budget isn't sufficient to purchase new, buying used engines can give you back the use of your vehicle without delay.
  • Availability: Some engines are hard to find at local dealerships or salvage lots. When shopping on eBay, you can find complete Rover V8 engines for sale from around the world.