Rowing Machines

Rowing machines are an ideal choice for anyone who wants to lead a healthy lifestyle. They can provide you with both high intensity and low intensity workout options and they are very convenient. Perfect for those who don't have a lot of space, rowing machines can be set up in the garage, garden or even the living room. There is a varied range of different types of rowing machine available, suitable for beginners and expert athletes alike.

Air Rower

The air rowing machine is the most common with gyms and health clubs. The resistance is determined by the user. These models offer higher resistance to those who row more intensely and less resistance to those who row more gently offering the perfect model for those who like to keep switching up their workouts. The fan blades are used to create the resistant force and the rowing motion is very smooth, however, they are known to make a lot of noise.

Hydraulic Piston Rower

The hydraulic piston rower is compact and ideal for any home gym. This rowing machine is easy to setup and you can adjust the resistance by using the piston. It is also very quiet to use when compared to the air rower.

Magnetic Rower

The magnetic rower is one of the quietest rowers you can get because of the unique magnetic braking system. This helps to provide you with a good level of resistance and a smooth rowing motion. The resistance with a magnetic rower is usually far less when compared to an air or water rower and this means that it is very well suited for beginners.

Water Rower

Water rowing machines can give you a more realistic rowing experience. They are very similar to air rowers due to the fact that the resistance intensity and speed are down to the rowing intensity of the user.

Top Products in Rowing Machines

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