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Suck up the dust with SEBO vacuum cleaner bags

SEBO vacuum cleaner bags trap the dirt and dust you've sucked up in your hoover and stops it escaping again. When the bag's full, all you need to do is simply remove it and throw it in the bin before replacing it with a new one. 

There's no shaking of the cleaner to remove the dust, as you tend to do with bagless models, meaning they're perfect for people who suffer from asthma and allergies too. So if you're getting low on SEBO vacuum cleaner bags, take a look on eBay today where you're sure to find the exact ones you need. 

SEBO standard vacuum cleaner bags

Perfect for the Felix and Dart models, 7029ER vacuum bags are particularly versatile and hygienic. These great SEBO bags come in 5, 10 or 20 bag packs, each with a sturdy plastic dust cap. Made from strong microfiber, they won't tear or split either, so you can rest assured the dust will stay completely contained. 

SEBO upright vacuum cleaner bags

Upright vacuum cleaners are great as you don't need to drag them around and they're easy to store even in the smallest of spaces. Many of the SEBO range of upright vacuum cleaners are also designed to make swift work of pet hair, especially the X1 and X4 models. 

With this particular model, packs contain 20, 10 or 5 replacement SEBO bags complete with dust caps. Not only are they very easy to fit and remove, they're also triple layered to effectively contain bacteria, allergens and other nasties. 

SEBO handheld vacuum cleaner bags

Handheld vacuum cleaners are ideal for use in cars, on stairs and in tight spaces. They're also perfect for those times when you just need to clear up a few crumbs but you don't want the hassle of getting out your main cleaner. 

As they're much smaller in size, handheld vacuum cleaner bags don't usually have the same large capacity as the standard models, so will need changing more regularly.