Experience the Legacy of an Aircraft: Buy a Saab Classic Car

If you're looking for a used car known for its endurance and safety, few can boast the legacy that comes with owning a Saab. eBay has a variety of affordable classics such as the Saab 900 turbo and the Saab 900 for sale.

Types of classic Saab cars

Any car before the Millennium is usually classified as vintage Saab. Examples include the Saab 900 classic and the Saab 99 turbo for sale, which are models produced in the 1990s. To make it easier to understand the classic Saab models, here is a brief guide that explains well-known models:

  • Saab 92: These are mostly vintage cars that are easily distinguished by the 90s series such as Saab 92,93,94,95,96, and 97. Some of these are sports variants that include Saab 94 Sonnet and Saab 97 Sonnet produced until 1956 and 1974, respectively. In contrast, Saab 95 is an estate model designed for families. Most Saab 92 and the later models were produced until 1980.
  • Saab 99: The Saab 99 was a successful large family executive car that was produced between 1968 and 1984. The Saab 900 turbo for sale is a very well-known mid-sized sedan that had a number of successful years in Europe and Asia. During the 1980s, Saab 600 and Saab 90 were also the dominant small and compact executive cars in their respective classes.
  • Saab 9000: After the success of 99 and 900 models, Saab produced 9000 as an executive model that remains attractive to families. The end of the 1990s also saw the re-emergence of 900 models as a new generation 900 model, which was produced between 1994 and 1998. In fact, you may find a classic Saab 900 turbo convertible for sale on eBay.
Is there a connection with used Saab cars and brand loyalty?

A lot of studies have been conducted to study brand loyalty among Saab owners. These studies have revealed that Saab owners are extremely passionate about their cars, which is also revealed in the car's upkeep and maintenance. Since Saab's three main markets are the United Kingdom, the United States, and Sweden, buyers of used cars are likely to find a high-quality used Saab that should continue to serve its new owner for long periods.

Safety and endurance records

For many decades, safety has been considered paramount to the success of subsequent Saab models. Except for the Saab 9000 and 9-2X models, all Saab cars are distinguished by the ignition on the floor, which is also reminiscent of the car's aircraft origins. Similarly, the Saab undergoes the Elk test. There are also over 6000 live-accident records to evaluate safety measures.

As for endurance, Saab has set a number of world records such as covering 100,000 miles in less time than any other car without any mechanical failures. In 2006, a Saab 900 complete 1.6 million kilometres on the original factory engine. In fact, Saab performance teams continue to showcase the car's endurance on a variety of public events around the world.