Saddle Stools

Enjoy Comfort and Class with an Ergonomic Saddle Stool

Ideal for the home office or work environment, a saddle stool provides an innovative approach to ergonomic seating. Boasting a simple design, these stools enhance posture and enable a dynamic working atmosphere. With options available for any budget, eBay offers great opportunities to purchase saddle stools.

What features are the most important in a saddle stool?

The idea behind a saddle stool is that it offers stability, yet it allows flexibility. In many cases, these stools have no back support, but five or more legs with wheels. This enables easy manoeuvrability within the office or working environment, whilst also strengthening back muscles. The seat of the stool can come in a variety of designs, though a saddle shape provides not only a comfortable seat but also ensures both feet can be placed on the floor. This is important for stability as well as circulation in the legs and lower back. A further feature is the adjustable height of the seat.

What kinds of stools are available?

Saddle stools, much like saddles themselves, have been designed in a number of formats. Some of the main options include:

  • Bambach or Salli Saddle Stools: These stools are often found in medical environments or hairdressers. They provide completely free movement of the upper body, which is ideal when switching from desk to patient, or between working stations. The seats on these stools very closely resemble the shape of an equestrian saddle.
  • Swopper: This stool responds closely to shifts in body weight. The seat itself is supported on a spring-like base, making the seated experience much more dynamic. These stools are a nice option to consider for a home or office working environment.
  • Backrests and other supports: Whilst saddle stools are most effective when taken as a pure stool, it is possible to get models with back- and/or arm supports. These are a worthwhile consideration for anyone who is just getting used to a saddle stool.
How do these stools encourage good posture?

Particularly for lengthier sitting periods, a saddle stool supports a healthy posture. Owing to the shape of the saddle, these stools ensure a healthy S-curve to the spine, as well as keeping the knees at such as distance as to keep the pelvis in an upright position. Without a backrest, these stools allow for the upper body to move completely freely. This is important in encouraging core strength and reducing any pressure on the spine.