Securing Roads and Streets with Safety Signs and Traffic Lights

With traffic volumes as well as vehicular accidents increasing, many cities have been adopting automated traffic lights and pasting safety signs on roads. These safety signs and traffic lights are available on eBay to inform vehicle owners of the current status on their routes.

What are the advantages of having LED traffic lights?

LED makes an ideal light source in almost every household, and it's also the same for traffic signals and road signs. It has replaced the incandescent lamps with its advantages that include the following:

  • Low Power Consumption - LED traffic lights save energy because of their low power consumption. They can still perform effectively with higher brightness compared to incandescent bulbs from before.
  • Low Thermal Energy - With LED designed to be driven by electrical energy turned into light, there is very low heat generation. With less heat, it can a have longer life span that can save on maintenance costs.
  • Visibility - LED traffic lights emit monochromatic light that does not require the use of colour films to produce other colour signals. Moreover, it can maintain good visibility with its brightness, and it can improve light efficiency on the roads.
How are road signs categorized?

All road signs fall into one of the four categories available. These categories have defined colours for their symbols as per safety regulations. The categories are the following:

  • Prohibition - These are shown with the background colour red. These signs are almost always round in shape with a red, diagonal line crossing it. It gives out the information to stop an action or dangerous behaviour.
  • Warning - These are shown with the background colour yellow. These symbols are most often triangular in shape with black edging. It gives out the warning to be careful or to take precaution.
  • Emergency - These are shown with the background colour green. These signs come in rectangular or square shapes. It gives out the information for emergency exit/escape routes, first aid stations, and other facilities.
  • Mandatory - These are shown with the background colour blue. These may come in round, rectangular, or square shapes. It gives out the information to follow a directional sign.
What are types of affordable traffic cones available on eBay?

Traffic cones are considered as tools to guide traffic on public roads. These are safe for cars since most cones are moulded from shock-absorbing materials. They come in different colours with their respective meanings, and some of them include the following:

  • Orange Cones - Used to mark Temporary Traffic Control Zones
  • Blue Cones - Used to mark accessible parking and signal overhead wires
  • Lime Green Cones - Used to signal increased pedestrian activity and mark entryways
  • Red Cones - Used to guide machine traffic and block workplace hazards
  • White Cones - Used for valet parking and sponsor display