A Simple Guide to Salvage Cars in the UK

Salvage cars provide a challenging project for a mechanic and can be a ready shophouse of parts to use. Virtually every make and model will be available for salvage, considering the sheer number of cars out there. Whether you're idly browsing or want to find that elusive piece, you'll be able to find plenty of damaged cars for sale on eBay UK.

How do salvage cars differ from other cars?

Salvage cars have sustained what an insurance company deems total loss damage. The owner must apply for an updated salvage title, which replaces the clear title. The vehicle may not be legally driven on the road in its current condition.

Project autos vs. parts autos

Since these vehicles carry a salvage title, you cannot immediately drive them on the road. Many mechanics purchase these salvage cars for restoration projects. One major reason is that salvage designation lets you purchase the cars for far less than they would typically sell for due to the damage. The damage can often be easy for an experienced mechanic or bodywork specialist to deal with. Once the vehicle is completely repaired, you can apply for a rebuilt title. Purchasing a salvage vehicle can enable a mechanically inclined individual to pick up a high-end vehicle that typically costs hundreds of thousands of pounds for a tiny fraction of that.

Some damaged cars available on eBay are salvageable. Others, though, can only be used for parts. The damage to them has been so significant that repair would not be possible. Instead of turning one of these cars into a project, your best bet - and the thing mechanics do often - is to purchase these parts-only vehicles to use for other repairs.

How much do damaged cars on eBay UK generally cost?

Mechanics often purchase parts-only vehicles for a few hundred pounds. Damaged repairable cars cost between £1,000 to £12,000 depending on the make, model, and level of damage. You will typically find recently released vehicles, including those from 2008 to present, when searching for salvage cars for sale on eBay UK.

The makes of salvage cars you can typically find for sale in the UK

The eBay UK salvage cars category often contains higher-end vehicles that the owner or insurance company wants to sell in order to recoup money lost due to the vehicle being totaled. These vehicles include those manufactured by Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Fiat, Ford, Jaguar, Mini, Skoda, SsangYong, Vauxhall, and Volkswagen, though many more are available.

How do you choose a salvage vehicle?

Consider your reason for purchasing the vehicle first. If you simply need a car for parts, almost any inexpensive salvage car from eBay UK will do provided its parts are compatible with your project's make and model. If you want to restore the vehicle, look for one with minimal damage or damage you can repair. Insurance companies often total a vehicle that could have been repaired as a part of a larger settlement, so keep looking--you never know what you'll find on eBay UK.