Scalextric and Slot Car Boxed Sets

Since the 1950s, Scalextric have been one of the biggest and most popular names in slot car racers. Almost every child has pretended to be Michael Schumacher or Colin McRae as they raced their new Scalextric kit on a Christmas morning. And now, the range of Scalextric and slot car boxed sets is larger and more exciting than ever.

Perhaps the most iconic Scalextric and slot car box set one can buy is the Formula One, where children can compete as their racing heroes, with cars available to represent classic racers such as Schumacher and Mansell, through to their modern day counterparts like Lewis Hamilton. For enthusiasts of particular marques such as Jaguar or Bugatti, there are brand-specific box sets available such as the Jaguar Challenge and the Digital Supercars set.

Space is sometimes at a premium in modern homes and as such slot car box sets can be available in miniature formats. These smaller versions of the classic toys are built to a smaller 1:64 scale as opposed to the standard 1:32, to provide all the thrills in only half the size.

For younger racers, it’s worth keeping an eye out for junior slot car sets, featuring bright colours and recognisable characters. The Carrera Mario Kart set, for example, includes all a child’s favourite Nintendo characters, with a larger scale and bright colours sure to keep them entertained and make for a great first entry into the world of slot car racing.

Of course, Scalextric and slot car racing is not only for children. For an adult who wants to spend a little more on an impressive layout, there’s plenty on offer. Some of the Scalextric Digital range feature track lengths of 44 metres or more, with lane-changing, fast digital motors and customisable user interfaces.

The world of slot car racing has never been more fun and there’s a larger range than ever to suit kids of all ages.