Scalextric and Slot Cars

Scalextric and slot cars are over 70 years old yet they are just as popular today as they have ever been. Scalextric cars provide the ultimate racing experience all within the comfort of your own home, with easy to build tracks and exciting car models. Some slot car tracks and circuits are themed and can be decorated with accessories to accentuate the track even more.

Scalextric and slot cars are great toys, perfect for all ages. For true Scalextric fans you can choose from a wide range of cars and models. Popular cars, such as the Ford GT, are available, as well as the pre 1980’s models made by Scalextric. Other popular brands consist of Airfix, Vanquish, Carrera and more.

Scalextric and slot car tracks can come as individual pieces or entire sets and as new or used. The different variations of tracks are Scalextric Sports, SCX and Scalextric Classic, Micro Scalextric and other track makes, such as Carrera. Track pieces can come as multiple different track sections, these sections include straights, curves, chicanes, cross over and pit stop pieces. With the variety of different options to choose from, you can design your own unique track to fit the space available.

A variety of racetrack accessories are also available to enhance the Scalextric and slot car’s visual appeal. The accessories add a sense of fun to your experience and the different features can range from small cones and grass banks to large features such as crowd stands, toilets and archways.

Scalextric and slot cars can also come in boxed sets. These sets include everything you need including the cars, the track, accessories and sometimes decals and stickers. This is a budget friendly way to get a track set up quickly and easily so that you are ready to race in just one purchase.