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Screen Protectors for the iPhone 3GS

One of the worst things that can happen to any iPhone is damage to the screen. Apple design each phone to the highest quality of modern smartphone technology, however this typically means making the phone lighter, thinner and faster; meaning iPhones become increasingly delicate every model. Fortunately, there is a variety of screen protectors for the iPhone 3GS that will give a considerable amount more protection than the standard iPhone 3GS would without a cover.

The unfortunate truth is that we all drop our mobile phones occasionally, or put them down on a flat surface where someone else might drop onto them. Screen protectors for iPhone 3GS will prevent or minimise the damage caused by these accidents and they are available at a budget price - far less than the cost of a new screen, so it can be well worth the small investment.

100% Clear

Screen protectors for the iPhone 3GS have been made, by many manufacturers, 100% clear (you would never know it was on the screen) and have three layer technology. These are made of a high quality film which is custom fit for the iPhone 3GS and protects against any scratches and abrasions, it is resistant to finger and grease marks, and is also waterproof. They are very easy to apply to your iPhone and also offer UV protection. They are supplied with a micro fibre cleaning cloth free of charge and even a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

Another screen protector for the iPhone 3GS is affixed to the screen using an air vacuum. There is no adhesive involved, and when correctly applied has a high transparent glass-like finish. The affixed screen protectors are anti-scratch, and your mobile phone can be used with a stylus or other pointed object without doing any damage. This screen protector for the iPhone 3GS can be easily removed and comes complete with very simple fitting instructions to protect the screen of your phone against accidental damage.

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